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From 1993-97, Sierra scored three hugely successful albums, a string of hit singles and numerous accolades. In 1998, original member Deborah Schnelle grew weary of the rigors of road life and left the group. The challenge of finding a replacement who would fit both as a musical partner and member of the Sierra "family" was compounded when an impending deal with a major record label fell through well into preparation for the project.


As the search for Deborah's replacement dragged on, Wendi and Jennifer found their occasional exasperation tempered with a new willingness to let go of plans they'd once clung to. As they leaned more on God, they found it easier to follow His leading. That leading became apparent through the pastor at the Nashville church attended by Jennifer. Aware that the women were looking for a singer, he suggested Marianne, also a member of the church though unacquainted with either of the Sierra women. Marianne, who had moved to Nashville in 1993, had established herself as a successful songwriter for the publishing company of country superstar Sawyer Brown. Not a Christian at the time, her own personal encounter and commitment to Christ came several years later.

When what was originally billed as an audition turned into a spontaneous outpouring of praise and worship songs, Wendi and Jennifer heard and felt a rare kind of chemistry with Marianne, in both spirit and in voice. And though their association wasn't immediately formalized, after the "audition," Marianne and her partners-to-be knew that the new Sierra had just been reborn.

Change was produced by established studio masters John and Dino Elefante. The dramatic three-part harmonies and counterpoint that have been Sierra's signature sound remain gloriously intact, as Marianne's soulful alto brings to the mix a new power and coloration that is uniquely her own. The title song, driven by acoustic guitars and percussion with a solid backbeat, puts a modern pop feel to lyrics that are deeply personal yet universal in their message.