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About Showbread

Christian-minded post-hardcore outfit Showbread is known about as much for their fashion sense (often sporting matching red and black outfits) as they are for their spastic, self-described "raw rock" music and energetic live show.

Hailing from Savannah, GA, the seven-piece band comprised vocalists Ivory Mobley and Josh Dies, lead guitarist Matt Davis, bassist Patrick Porter, guitarist Mike Jensen, drummer Marvin Reilly, and keytar player John Giddens. They self-released two EPs in 2001, Human Beings Are Too Shallow to Fall in Love and Goodnight Sweetheart, the Stitches Are Coming Apart.  The band then signed to Solid State/Tooth and Nail in mid-2004. Working with producer Sylvia Massy Shivy (Tool, Johnny Cash), their label debut, No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical, appeared that October.  They followed up in August 2006 with Age of Reptiles.  Drummer Marvin Reilly was credited with playing drums on the record, but was no longer a member of Showbread by its release.


Age of Reptiles' 13 tracks of non-stop raw rock will have listeners boisterously singing along to infectious tunes like their single, “Mouth Like a Magazine” while still feeling their perpetual intensity throughout.

And as far as subject matter of the album is concerned, topics number even higher than the amount of members that comprise the band. “Gossip and bitterness, art, Christians versus controversy, a lament from a man to his dead wife, a song about the author Franz Kafka meeting the giant roach from his story, ‘The Metamorphosis,’ it’s a pretty broad spectrum,” Davis elaborates.

In addition, Showbread consistently present a show not easily forgotten. With seven equally energetic bodies swarming the stage like a multitude of angry bees, propelling their guitars, shaking their hips, and leading the audience to sing and dance-alongs galore; it’s an image that will stick in the minds of the audience for months to come.

“We just try to portray the energy of the songs and have fun…and feed the crowd…it’s just a good time…chaos, but beautiful,” Davis explains.

“The world is ours for the taking and we will take it in the name of raw rock,” Davis concludes. “Everyone will see clearly when raw rock owns the world of art and music. Amen. Amen.”

You can catch the latest music by Showbread on The Fear of God, released in 2009.