Seventh Star -


About Seventh Star

Seventh Star formed in 1998 in Ocala, Florida with the purpose of playing hard music with a message of forgiveness.  The Band released it's first CDep "LifeBlood" in 2001 on Warfare Records.In June 2003, Seventh Star released the Full-length CD "Dead End" on Facedown.


2005 saw the release of "Brood of Vipers" which took Seventh Star to the next level, professionally, musically, and lyrically. 

Two years later and wiser, Seventh Star came back with The Undisputed Truth (2007).

With the same line up of Johnny Intravaia, Drew Russ, Shawn Douglas, and Chase Moore, Seventh Star has written their most focused and diverse record yet. Taking over six months off of touring to write, the boys are pulling out all the stops. Drawing from all their influences; Hardcore, Trash and anything aggressive. Mainly upping the speed and attitude in the style of metal bands like Obituary or Sepultura, adding the bounce of NYHC bands a la Madball and Biohazard, southern groove in the vein of Crowbar and C.O.C. and parts drawn from Post-hardcore and rock, with overall better song writing.

Seventh Star has created some of their most memorable songs. Lyrically, "The Undisputed Truth" will make no compromises. The album's theme is around the Restoration of Creation. . Exploring the need for answers and purpose. Bold lyrics with a point.

In a scene where bands hop from trend to trend, and where making records has been turned to "Units" and "Scans", Seventh Star stand as a band with a message. Their music has purpose. Their purpose gives birth to music. And their purpose restores the Creation who yearns for its Creator.