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ALL I KNOW - Scott Riggan's debut solo CD

Mission Statement: "When nothing else in my life makes any sense, it's at the cross that I find perspective. All I know of love is what Christ demonstrated in His life and on that cross. Whatever else I may not understand, this is and will always be true. God love me. In the end, that's really all I know. Thanks and praise to the God Who is big enough to handle all our questions, wise enough to give us only the answers we can bear, and loving enough to have suffered on our behalf; we remember. May our praise be "a sweet, sweet sound in your ear." - Scott Riggan

Scott Riggan's Music ....ALL I KNOW CD

"Scott Riggan understands song writing and the art of communicating God's heart through his music.....He is an artist who will help define the role of independent artists in the new industry." - Brian Mason, Mix 92.9, "The Brian Mason Show", Nashville,TN.

In his new solo music ministry, Scott Riggan is off to a great start, with the compositions found on this delightful CD, ALL I KNOW. This reviewer was impressed with the musical creativity and range of Scott Riggan as demonstrated by these 13 uniquely different, original songs, whose melodic lines catch the listener's attention, and are perfectly put together with the various themes expressed through his lyrics. The songs' compositions support the dynamics, emotional attitude of each song, melding perfectly with the lyrics, and vocals, effectively demonstrating a wide range of emotions and states of mind common to our human condition.

Scott knows his way around the keyboard, where he composes his songs, and then co-writes with guitarists, and then works with his players on arrangements, blending in dynamic support of other instruments, thus creating interesting to listen to compositions. Scott is truly gifted at putting the song's message into lyrics "that communicate God's heart," and also communicate the struggles, and attitudes that we as human beings often find ourselves experiencing through the good times and the hard trials in our lives, that can break our hearts and test our faith in a loving, faithful Lord.

Scott Riggan comments about his new CD: "This project is a very personal one for me. With these songs, I'm raising some questions for which no one really has answers. I feel a lot like the psalmist, who alternates between ecstatic praise and forlorn lament. At times, he fears God has deserted him, but in the end he takes courage from remembering His past faithfulness. So for me, it all comes back to the cross. Does God care? Can He possibly know my pain, my hurt? Am I truly forgiven? When nothing else in my life makes any sense, it's at the cross that I find perspective."

ALL I KNOW CD Songs - "It's the kind of music I love - acoustic pop with lyrics that dig deeper. I am so humbled by the ways that God has used my music in the past, and it is my prayer that this new ministry will glorify Him and to strengthen His people."- Scott Riggan

* * LIKE INCENSE (Inspired by: Psalm 141: 2) - (Also see: 1 Timothy 2:8, & Rev. 8:3,4).

The CD starts out on a positive, uplifting note, with this "joyous praise song," with an infectious melody and driving beat, first established in the first verse by a well-played acoustic guitar, which also provides musical support for the enthusiastic, joyful vocals. Drums, electric guitar, keyboards jump in at the chorus, and offer musical support for the following verses. Nice harmony second / third time through the chorus. A favorite of this reviewer, a song which lifts the spirit and gladdens the heart.

Lyrical Samples:

1) How do I tell of all that fills my heart, Where are the words to testify? The sweetest of songs would tell of who You are. So I will let my praises rise.

Chorus: Like incense before You, A fragrant offering, When You bring me into the throne room, To stand before a King, I worship You - oh I adore You, I cannot help but sing, And I know my prayer is Like incense.

2) As I lift my voice I know that You're listening. You love to hear me call Your name. So here in Your presence now I dare to speak, offering You all of my praise.

* * FORGIVENESS (Inspired by:Romans 2 :4-B - "God's kindness leads you toward repentance." NIV)

- Song states that it is God's kindness that motivates our love for Him. (Also, see John 3:16, Romans 8:2 AND 1 John 5:8. "We love because God first loved us.")

First stanza's beat nicely established by short, 16th note strums on guitar, sounding like short bursts of thunder or rain. Second stanza, the drums jump in. Interesting melody carried by vocals, backed up by electrical guitar chords and counter melody that holds one attention.

Lyrical Samples:

1) I thought I knew You as the voice of thunder. Under Your gaze I was afraid. I thought I knew You as the hand of anger, And there was nowhere to hide away.

Bridge: But Your hands - they are so gentle. And Your eyes are always on me.

Chorus: And this is what draws me to Your arms. It's what I need to heal my heart. Never seen a love like this. Beyond any reason, through all of time, Your heart was reaching out for mine, With forgiveness.

2) So undeserving, but You offered mercy. You could have turned me away, But You showed me kindness when I was unworthy. Came down from heaven- stood in my place.

Hook: Thought I knew what to expect from You, But it wasn't anything like this. You show me mercy, kindness. Love and sweet forgiveness.

* REMEMBER (Inspired by: I Corinthians 11: 24-26) - By Scott C. Riggan and Peter Vaque.

A perfect worship song for communion, which would fit in nicely at any church communion service. A solemn, mellow, acoustic guitar composition, with soft keyboard back-up accents and chords. Light percussion. Keyboards offer a nice counter melody to the vocals, starting in the chorus, and running through the second time through the main verse.

Main verse: We break the bread, we taste the wine. And everytime - we remember. Your body torn, the blood that flowed. The love You showed us - we remember.

Chorus: We remember that You took our place, As You hung in disgrace. On that old rugged cross. For our sin drove the nails in Your hands. But forgiveness was part of Your plan, for a world that was lost.

* * CAN'T YOU BE CRAZY - By Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman.

A playful, fun song with a catchy melody and rhythm spurred on by dotted eighth notes, and a swing beat. Nice blend of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboards. Again, nice use of dynamics. Uses whistling and a melodica, (a hand-held keyboard wind instrument) in some parts of the song. Brings up the importance of making time to enjoy moments with family and friends, making it a priority sometimes over what we think is important.

"This one's for Julie, Emily, and Josiah. Um, I'll be done working in just a few minutes, and then I can come out and play,okay?" - Scott Riggan

Lyrical Samples:

1) Go get your raincoat, And meet me at the 3rd Street bridge. There'll be a rainbow. And we could make a wish. Yeah we could stay inside, Where it's warm and dry. But what fun is there in that?

Chorus: Can't you be crazy, Just for an hour or two? Let the wind untangle, What's been choking you. See the smile of heaven When the sun breaks through. And just be with me.

2) Grab your umbrella, And race me to the corner store. Do you remember what a lazy afternoon is for? I think that it's high time you learn to unwind. I'll be waiting at the door.

Hook: I don't have any big plans, Just one afternoon, With nothing to do, it's all that I ask. It's all that I need, is time with you.

* HEAL ME - By Scott C. Riggan, Benjamin D. Bauman and Randy K Thomas -

A song about turning to the Lord for peace, spiritual renewal, emotional support and healing from the hurts of the world, on our knees in prayer. Reference Scripture: (Phil. 4:6,7,13)

Lovely introduction with acoustic guitar, synthesizer and soft keyboards, setting the reverent, serious mood at the very beginning, and at the end of the song. Nice use of dynamics in this melodious acoustical prayer hymn, Expressive lyrics are well-written and well sung. Nice vocal intervals in chorus.

Lyrical Samples:

1) This is the way that You find me, Broken in pieces on my knees. My heart is a well that has run dry. Empty and cold inside.

Chorus: But You can heal me, Mend all that I have broken. Heal me. You're all I have to hope in. There is no one else but You. Do what only You can do- heal me.

2) This the place where I find You. When there's nobody else I can run to. So take this fragile heart and then. Breathe life in my soul again. Driven to my knees, I have no choice but to admit. I don't believe I'll ever make these pieces fit.

* * Title Song: ALL I KNOW OF LOVE: (Inspired by: 1 John 4: 7-10) - By Scott C. Riggan

Well done praise and worship song, for a contemporary worship service, with yet another great melodic line. Acoustical guitar and drums establish catchy rhythm and beat of song, during verses. Full band comes in at the chorus, with nice vocal harmony. Another favorite of this reviewer. Great use of dynamics.

A personal realization that Jesus took away individual sins, rejoicing in God's love and faithfulness to find a way through his son, Jesus to free us from the bondage of sin, and bring us into his family as children of God.(Romans 8:1, 2)

Lyrical Samples:

1) Your arms were stretched out so wide. The nails were driven so deep. Your eyes were brimming with tears. Your life was poured out for me.

Chorus: And this is all I know of love, That You carried the cross. That should have been mine. How do I praise Your name enough. You would have paid any cost, And that's all I know of love.

2) My heart would never come clean. My shame drove me from Your arms. Forgiveness was out of my reach. But You crossed the distance, And You captured my heart.

The next two songs, "Answers Don't Come Easy" and "I Thought I Knew You" wrestle with why God allows us to go through hard times, painful trials, unpleasant circumstances, all which seem unexplainable to us, leaving us with the question, "Why God?"

* * ANSWERS DON'T COME EASY - By Scott C. Riggan

Written in a minor key, with a distinctive melody, that segues nicely into the chorus. Has interesting introduction, with broken chord progressions played on the guitar. Another favorite of this reviewer. Nice supporting guitar work, which help to establish the beat and supporting chords of the melody. Dynamic vocals, expressing the pain being experienced. Vocal variations in the Chorus make things interesting as it is repeated in the song.

A poignant song about facing painful, hard to understand losses; A loss of a baby; (verse 1), and a loss of a long-time, cherished spouse;(verse 2). Depending on and trusting in the Lord to uphold and impower us to get through any tragedy or trial that breaks our hearts is the main theme found in the Chorus. Nice vocal variations in each repeat of the chorus. (Verses that relate to this song: See Romans 8:28 & 5:1-5, James 1:2-5)

Lyrical Samples:

1) She's putting away the baby clothes. There'll be no child for her to hold. Not even a chance to say good-bye. And there aren't any words to tell her why. She says, "This is all I've ever wanted. This is the star I hung my hopes upon. Now all that I have are these empty arms.

Chorus: There was a time when I could bravely face the storm. Oh but answers don't come easy anymore. Today I can only trust, Your hands are strong enough, To hold me up, When answers don't come easy anymore.

2) At a table for two he sits alone. Never dreamed that she'd be the first to go. He says, "You turn around twice and years have passed. Now these memories are all I have. She is sailing over the horizon, But still I'm waving from the shore, And I'm wondering what I'm still here for."

Bridge: We need You to hold us close, we don't need to know the answers, We just need you near to us.

* * I THOUGHT I KNEW YOU (Inspired by: Psalm 77:7-9) - By Scott C. Riggan and R. Jason Collum.

A soul stirring song about a hard struggle in faith caused by a painful, almost unbearable trial, written in the spirit of a lament Psalm. The person who is struggling is in prayer, talking to the Lord, asking for an answer, confessing his feelings of doubt and betrayal, and his yearning for an answer from God. This song will minister to those suffering from broken hearts, with the questions: "Why Me?" "Why God?"

Beautifully composed and sung, using dynamics effectively, which is a Riggan trademark. Sensitive, effective use of synthesizer and electrical guitar back up, which blend nicely with the acoustical guitar accompaniment, which all support the heart rendering vocals.

Lyrical Samples:

I breathe a prayer and dare, To hope for Your reply. I know You're there, aware, And so I wonder why? So much loss, so much pain. So are You listening? So high the cost of losing faith, To wishful thinking,

Chorus: But I thought I Knew, thought I Knew, You. Thought I Knew, thought I Knew, You These threads have come undone. Belief unraveling, My faith is tangled up. While doubt is splitting out the seams.

Make my wish to the sky. What will the answer be? Silence is Your reply, And somehow I still believe.

Chorus Bridge: Maybe it's just me, but I can't hear a thing, as hard as I try. Am I asking too much, to want You just speak up, and tell me why? Chorus I breathe a prayer and dare, To hope for Your reply.......

* NEVER - By Scott C. Riggan. An answer to the question, "Why God?" (Inspired by: Deuteronomy 31:6) Other related references: (Hebrews 13:6, John 14:1, Romans 8:38)

A positive reply from the Lord to the suffering questioner in the song above, and those struggling with almost unbearable loss. Upbeat pop beat, with a nice blend of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and a swirling sound of a synthesizer in key points of the song, producing a heavenly sound. Nice counter melody can be heard by a soft electrical guitar during Chorus.

Lyrical Samples

: I will never leave you. Never will forsake you. Nothing here can take you from my hand. Let not your heart be troubled. In all of your struggles. This is all you need to understand.

Chorus: I love you, I love you Though you can't see clearly, You are never alone.

* * DON'T CRY (GOODNIGHT EMILY) - By Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman.

Vocals carry the melody, with support of flowing broken chords played flawlessly on acoustical guitar, giving the song a swirling feel to it. Interesting use of musical background instrumentation. Nice building of dynamics in chorus, as the heart-felt vocals also rise in volume and feeling.

An assurance to a child not happy that a parent must be away from home. Verse two brings up for thought a common problem facing many parents; balancing the needs of family and the demands of work. What takes priority, when?

"This began spontaneously one night as a lullaby for my baby daughter. (There were others, but ditties like "Little Sour Face, Emily Grace" were clearly not meant for anyone else to hear...") - Scott Riggan

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus: Don't cry - Close your eyes and I'll be with you. Though I - I feel like I'm farther than the moon. Don't cry - I know you know how much I miss you. But I'll be home soon.

1) Goodnight Emily, There's so many things that worry me. But whatever comes, We're gonna be all right. Goodnight Emily, Do you wonder what's become of me. Give it a day or two, I'm comin' back for you. And it's, it's gonna be all right.

2) Goodnight Emily, You're so many miles away from me. But you've always been, Forever in my heart. Tonight, I'm wondering, is this the way it's gotta be. If it were up to me, we'd never be, we'd never be apart.

Bridge: Leave the light on for me, don't cry.

* * * LOVE CALLED MY NAME - By Scott C. Riggan, Benjamin D. Bauman and Randy K Thomas. Some Reference Scriptures: (1 John 5:8, John 3:16, John 11:38-44, John 18:2,3, 15-27, Matt. 26:14,15 & Matt. 27:24)

A solemn, moving worship song, that just simply has heart-felt vocals and lovely electric guitar work, for accompaniment. Nice use of dynamics, which build to and through the chorus. The bridge is also dynamic, and moving. Starts off in a mournful mood, in a minor key, slow 3/4 time.

A soul-touching song that would be at home in both traditional and contemporary worship services. This song has got to be this reviewer's favorite song on the CD. It is a moving prayer hymn of confession and worship, recalling past sins, common human weaknesses, identifying with the same faults/ failings of Peter, Thomas, Judas, Saul, and the thief who hung beside Jesus on the cross who believed. Also, in the Bridge, the lyrics make an analogy with Lazarus's being raised from the dead by Jesus, to being saved through God's loving actions toward us, offering salvation through Jesus, who saves us through our belief in Him.

The song praises the Lord for reaching out, finding and saving this lost soul, giving him life in Jesus, and taking the deserved punishment for sins confessed earlier in the song (verse 1 & 2), away through belief in His perfect sin offering, Jesus Christ. (John 3:16).

Lyrical Samples:

Chorus: And love called my name. When I was lost, I had no hope. 'Till You spoke to me, You took away the shadows, That clouded my heart. I knew I was found on that day. When love called my name.

1) I was the friend that denied You, Three times I denied You. When the third rooster crowed. And I, I handed You over Thirty pieces of silver, Was the price of my soul. And there on the road to Damascus, I saw clearly what I was, When Your blinding light came

2) I, I was the man who, Was washing his hands to, Hand over a King, And I said I wouldn't believe it, Unless I could see it: The scarred hands and feet. And I was the thief hung beside You Deserving to die but, You shouldered the blame. Bridge: (Nice chord progressions) I was the friend they had laid in the grave, 'Till I heard through sorrowful cries, The voice that commanded the wind and the waves, Say "Arise, arise" - and love called my name.

* I LOVE YOU LORD (Inspired by: PSALM 116:1-7) This CD ends nicely with well-done, acoustic-style praise and worship song, expressing love for the Lord. Upbeat acoustic guitar accompaniment with vocals first time through. Second time through, harmony nicely chimes in for great effect.

Lyrical Samples:

I love You Lord, And I lift my voice, To worship You. Oh my soul rejoice. Take my joy my King, in what You hear. May it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I love you I love You Lord, And I lift my voice, To worship You. May it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear. I love You Lord, And I lift my voice, To worship You, Hallelujah

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