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Scarecrow and Tinmen

Scarecrow and Tinmen is made up of 4 members:

Seth White- bass guitar

Brad DeRosia - electric guitar

Chris Padgett - lead vocalist

Jason Kopp - drums

Statement of Purpose: "We're out here doing this because of who Jesus is and what he's done for us. If we can help people eat, stay clothed and arm and find some hope amidst the tragedies life can bring, that's so much bigger than a band. The greatest hope we can have not only for Scarecrow & Tinmen but for those whose lives we touch, is that we will all be able to hear the words, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant." - Chris Padgett

Scarecrow and Tinmen are a conteporary Christian music group known for their unique "technofolk" sound and their wild and crazy, yet worshipful concert shows. Their name "really does mean something," says Chris Padgett, lead vocalist. It comes from the beloved classic, Wizard of Oz. He believes we identify most closely with the Scarecrow and Tinmen because they needed a brain and a heart, and "As Christians," Chris says, "God gives us a new mind and a new heart."

The Group started in 1994 with Chris Padgett as lead vocalist. Shortly after, Brad DeRosia (electric guitar and programing) joined. They released three independent albums, New Heart and Mind, Technofolk Road, and New Heart and Mind 2, before they were picked up by a national recording company in 2003. During that year, Scarecrow and Tinman released No Place Like Home through Organic Recording company. Since then, two more albums have been released, Superhero and Best of Scarecrow and Tinmen.

The band is very passionate about the release of their lastest album, Superhero. They encourage us all to be "superheros" and "come to the aid of those in distress." Chris Padgett, explains, "Despite our sins and weaknesses and failures, God uses us to reach a world in need, to be love to the unloved, to be encouragement to those who are discouraged; to really involve ourselves with humanity." Adds partner Bradley DeRosia (guitarist/programmer), "Even though we are fallen and we stumble, we can be all things through Christ, to a lost and dying world."

Songs on their "Best of" release:

1. Bionic Son
2. Big Mouth
3. Scarecrow & Tinmen
4. You are my Son
5. God is Good
6. Come and See
7. Wandering Lamb
8. Superhero
9. Dreamy Light
10. Gospel Love
11. What U Got
12. Overcome
13. This Much

Scarecrow and Tinmen are known for their kinetic live shows. "It's pretty interactive and hyperactive," Chris says with a smile. "The goal for our shows is to touch every sense humanly possible." They do contests, such as who can chug a soda the fastest, best burp, dancing, and even who can sing the best version of "Sweet Home Alabama." They try to be as silly and crazy as possible in an effort to draw people in and make them feel comfortable.

Although they like to have a good time, the group is very ministry oriented and has a deep desire to make an impact in the lives of youth today. "The second half of the show," Chris continues, "is very introspective and ministry oriented. The point is to win kids over; whatever we can do to make an impact, so that they're more receptive to what we have to say. When they listen to our music later, we want them to remember the concert and how God spoke into their lives. I think we're a good advertisement for the fact that if God uses us he can use anybody."

In an effort to try to recruit a new generation of "superheros," the group is launching an organization that will encourage youth to help those in needs and think of others above themselves. They are asking that when people come to their shows, they bring staple items, such as blankets, canned goods, clothing, etc. that can then be given to local charitable groups.

Besides being the lead songwriter and voacalist of the band, Chris Padgett is also a public speaker and author. * * *