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Before Sara Groves debuted in 1998, she was a high school teacher in her hometown of Rosemont, MN. Through God's directing and leading, Sara left that job to persue what had been a joy and a passion of hers since she was a little child. Since the release of her first independent album, Sara has experienced many ups and downs in her walk with Christ that have ultimatly formed her into a stronger and more confident woman of God. As well, she has developed into a highly acclaimed and respected singer and songwriter.


Sara had been teaching high school for four years when an opportunity came up for her to sing at a fundraising concert for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Afterward, some of her students asked her for a CD, but she did not have one. It was at this point that she realized that it may be beneficial to have something recorded for her to witness with.

In 1998, she recorded an independent album entitled Past the Wishing, and she also began singing at various places on weekends. It soon became evident that she could not do both so Sara decided to take a year off of teaching. By the end of the year, she was traveling full time with her husband, Troy.

Today, Sara's career remains a family affair. Her husband, who is her manager, and her young sons, Kirby and Toby travel with her on their tour bus, which has been turned into a mobile nursery/playroom.


Sara's sound is generally thought of as pop/folk/inspirational/worship. In 2001, she released Conversations through INO records. All Right Here followed in 2002. Her latest release, The Other Side of Something was released in 2004. Sara is not slowing down a bit and plans to have a new record out late in 2005.

The Other Side of Something is an album that means a great deal to Sara. It represents her struggles of the past year, but more importantly, the freedom and victory she eventually found in Christ that enabled her to place her whole life in His hands and rely on Him completely.

Sara's struggles began when she gave birth to their first son. She hit the road with him when he was just five weeks old and felt as though her life was out of control for the three years following. Groves was very consumed with feelings of worry over their children and desperatly wanted a guarantee from God that their kids would always be safe and that they would turn out perfect.

A turning point finally came when she took a year off the road and intensely focused on the Word. She had decided that she could no longer live the way she was and that she was ready to release her entire life to the Lord. Much of this CD reflects Sara's feelings of defeat, but also her new confidence and optimism about the future.

Sara has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. It is very therapeutic for her and is something she believes she will never stop doing. Sara Groves desires to write music that will minister to herself and others for many years to come, instead of just for the current audience. Her musical influences include Fred Hammond and Keith Green. Other influences include her parents and her producer, Nate Sabin.


More interesting facts about Sara Groves:

* Sara recently released a CD entitled Station Wagon: Songs for New Parents.

* Sara is a popular women's conference speaker and also performs at many young adult and youth events and at several summer festivals.

* In 2002, The Gospel Music Association nominated Sara for a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year.



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