Robert Pierre Bio -

Making tweens' dreams come true, Robert Pierre is spiritually moving teens nationwide, reaching out to his generation, bringing a message of salvation, hope and encouragement. Robert is set and ready to make an impact on today's youth with a powerful message. It is safe to say Pierre is a new fresh face for Christian music fans, pointing kids in the direction of the ministry and trying to support and guide teens with real life pressures.

Christian music artist, radio and television host, Al Denson, could be credited for giving Robert Pierre the drive and direction for his music career. At a local school function in 2005, Denson had an appearance at Pierre's school. After Robert was selected by his classmates as the best singer, he was brought up on stage to sing with Al Denson. Later, Denson pulled his parents aside and suggested to his parents that they bring Robert into a studio, to record a few songs; And the rest could be labled as history.

Robert Pierre recorded a total of 3 songs. Originally meant to give to family and friends as his holiday gift, these songs made it to the local radio station. From that moment, the songs started working their way around to other radio stations, getting nationwide playtime. Realizing what was happening, the Pierre family put his music on-line for 10 days for a free download. The result was that thousands of people fell in love with this 13 year old's incredible voice and music.



Taking Robert Pierre under his wing, Al Denson produced Robert's first album, "Inside Out." Several of the songs on this album were co-written by Robert White Johnson. The hope with this album was two-fold; That Christians would find the encouragement they need to follow God, and that the people who are not of the Christian faith might be able to pick up the album and not only enjoy the music but also to possibly hear the message.


Seeing that all the signs were there, Robert Pierre embraced his gift to bring music with a message to tweens everywhere. On November 7, 2006 Robert made his CD debut by releasing his first album, "Inside Out," and his debut music video, "On Faith Alone," which could be viewed on his fully functional website. Upon visitng Robert's technically sophisticated website, one has access to downloads, screensaver and so much more.

While promoting his new album, before it was released, Robert Pierre was one of the performers at the Annual Universal Studio in Florida event called, "Rock the Universe," held at the Florida theme park on 3 different stages. Past performers at this event include Relient K, GRITS, Superchic and Al Denson, just to name a few.

Going coast to coast, Robert Pierre has joined the "Believe Tour," hoping to impact the youth with his ministry and music. As a positive role model, Pierre is giving kids something great to listen to, and lyrical messages to follow and to think about. He is also part of the national non profit organization, "Christ in Youth," a group which tries to connect young people with Jesus.


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