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Houston 's Ecclesia Church sits on the edge of downtown. During the week, it's a community outreach center, farmer's market, art gallery, coffeehouse, and recording studio. But on Sunday, its space becomes sanctuary to the homeless and drug addicted, as well as to the high profile attorney and suburb-dweller who fill its seats.


The church is also home base for Robbie Seay Band, forming as much of their identity as the music they play. Pastored by Robbie's brother Chris, Ecclesia's services are a mix of the liturgical (weekly communion, communal prayer) and experiential (artists painting during the service). Aside from touring, the band can be found leading worship for the several weekly gatherings at Ecclesia.


In addition to Robbie, who serves as the group's voice and principal songwriter, the band consists of longtime friends Dan Hamilton and Ryan Owens. Dan has played with Robbie for a decade, dating back to the Metro Bible Study for which they, Caedmon's Call, and Watermark led worship. Ryan approached Robbie eight years ago at a concert to ask if they needed a bass player and has been with them ever since. "In a lot of ways, we've grown up together," Robbie says of the group. "We have walked side-by-side for nearly a decade, in the context of our community and living a normal life together. That makes the music more meaningful for us."


The group released their critically acclaimed Sparrow Records debut, "Better Days", in 2005.

"Making Better Days has been a journey. The band and I have recorded and produced albums on our own for years, mainly because we were broke and couldn’t afford to work with anybody really cool" reflects vocalist Robbie. "We used to listen to Patty Griffin’s Flaming Red album and imagine working with the musician/producer, Jay Joyce (Patty Griffin, The Wallflowers, Nichole Nordeman). So when our new label (Sparrow) recommended Jay to work on three songs with us, we tried not to act like giddy school children when accepting the offer. I hope that when I’m old and gray, I can look back on all my recording experiences and have them compare as positively to what it’s been like working with Jay on this project. In addition to the three songs Jay produced, our friend Will Hunt worked with us on two, and the band produced the rest of the project. Our hope for this record is that we connect our stories of struggle and hope and life with you … that these songs will not only give voice to our stories, but yours as well."

Known for an alternative worship style that features raw, insightful lyrics coupled with an equally edgy and engaging sound, Robbie Seay Band's much-anticipated sophomore Sparrow release, Give Yourself Away (2007), finds them pushing their musical craft to new levels under the guiding hand of producer Tedd T. (Mute Math, Delirious?). The sound of Give Yourself Away carries a new energy and relevance, an aggressive step forward from Better Days. The album bears the influence of British rock (Travis, Keane) as well as modern worshippers such as David Crowder Band and Tim Hughes.


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