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About Rick Cua

Add a wide-range of experience and wisdom gained from almost a quarter-century in music ministry and business, and a gift of encouragement and you have the components of an artist, teacher and speaker known as Rick Cua.

As the bass player of southern rock band the Outlaws, from 1980 until 1982, Rick Cua has expressed his spiritual convictions through music for nearly two decades.

Cua left The Outlaws in 1983 to pursue a full-time career in Christian contemporary music, wherein he gained popularity throughout most the 1980s as a leather-jacket-wearing rocker with an arena rock sound featuring big, shout-along choruses; but upon signing to Reunion in 1988, his works began to take on a softer, more radio-friendly tone that included "sentimental ballads and pop-rock anthems in the style of Michael Bolton." Cua left Reunion in 1992, creating his own label, UCA Records, on which he recorded two studio albums in the 1990s.

He took a hiatus from recording in 1998 and went to work as Vice President of the Creative Department at EMI Christian Music Publishing, where he stayed until 2003. Following that executive stint, Cua became focused on managing his own two companies: Rick Cua Entertainment manages artists and works in music publishing, film and TV licensing, and All For The King Music offers coaching and inspiration to lay musicians through workshops and free electronic delivery of original worship music.

Celebrating his 25th year in ministry, Cua released his twelfth album, Won't Fade Away, in 2007.

“I love to get out and play, I really do. I love teaching. I love talking and teaching about worship and songwriting, and wrapping the Word around all of that. In recent years I have become aware of the fact that I am ministering as a player and as a coach. Not only passing along my experience through mentoring but by modeling it as well.” Rick says.

“Music is such a motivator. When you put the truth in music, and you hit that emotional nerve, it works,” explains Rick. “I feel called to build people up. My goal is to take the Word and Godly principles and attach it to music that is going to get them pumped up, and want to sing along and want to believe what they are hearing and what they are singing…as an artist, that’s what it’s about.”

“A lot of the songs I write have a worship slant; it’s what I’ve done for years. It’s a natural thing. They will be congregational, but will also be energetic and pretty vibey,” Rick says. “Musically, the recordings will rock with appropriate aggression and an uplifting message.”


Throughout Rick Cua's career he has had six #1 songs and nine Top 5 hits, and a Dove Award nomination. He has performed across the United States and around the world for the better part of his life.

“If there is one thing I want to be remembered for as an artist and friend, it is as an encourager, a man who always stands on the foundation of God’s word and encourages through the love, support and promises of Christ,” says Rick. “I’m not a hellfire and brimstone guy; it’s just about ‘You can do it, God’s given you the power, and his Grace is the power for you to do what you are called to do. Know who you are in Christ, get out there and do it.’”