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About Richie McDonald

Born February 6, 1962 in Lubbock Texas, for over a dozen years Richie McDonald was the voice and most recognizable face for the platinum-selling country group, Lonestar before leaving the group to pursue a solo career.  As lead singer for the CMA and ACM Award-winning group, Richie's soaring vocals repeatedly propelled such Lonestar classics as "Amazed," "I'm Already There," "Everything's Changed," "Smile," "No News" and others to the top of the charts, solidifying the group's reputation as one of the most successful bands of the '90s.


Richie grew up in a Christian home and his relationship with God has been a constant in his life. “I remember going to church as a young kid in Dallas ,” he says. “My parents just always instilled great things in us and helped us with our faith. It’s always been strong and I feel like God has always had his hand in everything that has happened in my life.”


When he began pursuing music professionally, Country music became the path he chose. “I just felt like Country music was my calling,” he says. “That’s where I was supposed to be and that’s where my heart was leading me.”

In 2007 Richie decided it was time to start a new chapter in his career.  He would have to leave the band and his brothers-in-music of 13 years. "I always thought that BNA Records and the band was a place I would be forever," he mused. "I just thought it was one of those partnerships that would never end. One of the very first songs I wrote when I came to town, and my first number one for Lonestar, was a song called 'Everything's Changed.' Life is all about change, and these things happen for a reason."

As a dedicated husband and father of three children—Rhett, 11, Mollie, 8 and Maisie, 6 the singer/songwriter realized that he wanted to continue to move people with his songs and make a difference in lives through music. As the co-writer of such songs as "Let Them Be Little," and "My Front Porch Looking In," Richie had always worn his love for his family as a badge on honor and infused his heart-felt lyrics with the emotion that love generated.

Richie also wanted to spend more time with Lorie and their three children. “I wanted to slow down a little bit and spend time with my family,” he says. "It doesn’t mean I’m retiring. I’m still going to go out and spread my testimony through my music. I want to touch people with songs that really mean something to them. I want to do my best to sing songs that can really make a difference in someone’s life.”

He is fulfilling a lifelong dream with the release of I Turn to You, an inspirational album that provides the Texas native a platform to share his beliefs and celebrate his faith.



Produced by Richie’s longtime friend, Frank Myers, I Turn to You is a compelling collection of songs that both entertain and inspire. “What Would He Do” challenges believers to live a life that would make Jesus proud. “Handle with Prayer” is a testament to the power of prayer to clear our confusion and heal our souls.

The project also includes an acoustic version of “Hey God,” a song already familiar to Lonestar fans. “It’s just one of those songs that is close to my heart,” McDonald says. “It was written about things that have happened in my life. It’s always been a personal favorite of mine and when I made the decision to leave Lonestar, I wanted to cut it again and I just felt like it would be a perfect fit for this record. I’ve always just loved the vocal, guitar and string version. There’s something really intimate about it. It tells the truth loud and clear.”

I Turn to You is a album filled with great songs brought vibrantly to life by one of the finest voices in Country music, but to Richie it is so much more. It’s the most personally satisfying album of his career. It’s a labor of love that showcases the faith in God that permeates every corner of his life.