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"There's a passionate honesty to middle America - it's deep-rooted and straightforward. Few places embody that better than Lincoln, Nebraska, home to Word/Warner Bros.  rock outfit, Remedy Drive . A four-piece, four-brother band (David, Philip, Paul and Dan Zach), Remedy Drive has been cranking out their own brand of music as a full time indie for years.

Like most brothers, Remedy Drive members David, Paul, Phillip and Daniel Zach had their fair share of squabbles growing up. And with no television at home to distract them, the boys had few other outlets for their energies. Fortunately, they found common ground in their love of music. In fact, the first time they heard a guitar solo, they say it “made them feel alive.” And for four brothers who listened to a steady diet of Keith Green, it was a revelation that ended up having a profound effect on their future.

Unlike most kids, the say they’re thankful they didn’t waste countless hours in front of the tube. “We’d just come home from school and play music instead,” Paul recalls. “Music was fun, and it definitely gave us a creative outlet. And now, it’s given us a forum to ask life’s biggest questions.”

Driven by an innate desire to engage audiences with a dynamic rock show that combines the raw energy of scrappy Indie rock with the colorful artistic panache of Cirque de Soleil, the guys happily played wherever they were asked: summer festivals, colleges, camps, conferences and churches.


The band's debut release, "Daylight Is Coming" was produced by Ian Eskelin (All Star United) and was released nationally on August 26, 2008.

“I want our listeners to be involved with what we do in Remedy Drive, and our songs are a slice of life,” Daniel says. David adds, “We’re all getting sold this lie that stuff can make you happy and validate who you are. We want to sing about something permanent, something real that’ll never burn out or fade away. Ultimately, we want to give our listeners hope.”

Remedy Drive’s first radio single, “Daylight” likens the striking beauty of nature’s most basic function to life’s most challenging moments. “We wanted this jam track to be a home for a memorable lyric and melody,” David says. “In Lord of the Rings, Gandalf said ‘At dawn, look to the East,’ and that’s the message we’re offering here: Even in the most desperate times, each new day provides a glimmer of hope.”

Later on in “Belong With You” the band distinguishes the difference between happiness and true joy. “We always let the music speak for itself,” Paul shares. “We’re not preachers or theologians; we play rock ’n’ roll. But we felt like it was important to talk about issues we all deal with. And there’s certainly got to be more to life than our own happiness.”

"The last thing any of us are looking for is a diluted existence - the shadow and not the substance." says David Zach, songwriter for the band. "But I find myself chasing the wind. I catch myself actually believing that success can bring happiness - that accomplishment can complete me – that gold or plastic can validate my existence." This band claims to have found the hope that reaches beyond the boundaries of a fallen world. This music echoes a call to live for something more then the American dream - more then suburban accomplishment - more then sixty-five years and a mortgage. This music is a call to a new life and a new heart.

With a message of hope for the searching and a desire to reach beyond a static life for something bigger, Remedy Drive delivers heart-on-a-sleeve sensibilities.


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