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About Ray Boltz

Contemporary Christian music singer Ray Boltz has sold more than one million albums, the result of songs and albums which charted repeatedly throughout the 1980s and 1990s. His inspirational songs have been sung by a number of his colleagues, and Boltz in turn has contributed to popular compilations by multiple artists. In the late 1990s, he assembled a rock-flavored band, thus expanding his inspirational repertoire. Boltz has successfully distinguished himself for his sincerity and integrity in the commercially hyped music culture.

In his religious zeal, he undertook a regular battery of public concert tours even as he embraced traditional missionary travels beyond the realm of his musical ministry. In his devotion to the Christian ideal, he embarked on a series of expeditions that sent him to Africa and Asia. While on tour, he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for food to feed starving people in Calcutta, India.


Born in the mid 1950s in Muncie, Indiana, Boltz attended Indiana's Ball State University where he studied a business curriculum and graduated with a degree in business and marketing. Even as a teenager in the early 1970s, Boltz embraced a commitment to Christian ministry. He employed his musical talents to bring a Christian message to shut-ins including prisoners, hospital patients, and convalescent home residents. Likewise, he performed concerts for Christian youth groups.

A dozen years passed, and by the mid 1980s Boltz's commitment to a musical gospel ministry was firmly entrenched as the basis of his career.

When he released his first album, Watch the Lambin 1986, the message of Christian commitment was clearly evident. Thank You and The Altar followed by the end of the decade, in 1988 and 1989 respectively. He released Another Child to Hold in 1991.

Boltz released Seasons Changeon Word Records in 1992. Also that year, Boltz emerged as a presence on Christian radio. Among his popular recordings that gained distinction were a series of number one airplay hits including "Seasons Change," "The Altar," and "Thank You."   He issued a follow-up album, Allegiance, accompanied by a re-release of Thank You in 1994.



By 1995, Boltz was an established talent in the Christian recording industry. Indeed, his first five records alone sold more than one million units by 2001. In September of 1995, his Concert of a Lifetime album premiered on the Billboard Christian music chart shortly after he embarked on a North American tour by the same name. The promotion culminated nearly one year later, on June 22, 1996, with a concert at the Joe Byrne Memorial Stadium in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland . A video was released soon afterward, and in May of 2001, the video (by that time certified as gold) was released on DVD. The live concert album reigned at the top of the charts for many weeks as well.


Since 1996, Boltz has been involved with Mission of Mercy, a Christian relief and development agency. This past year, Boltz traveled to Nairobi , Kenya to visit The New Life Home for Abandoned Babies, one of the many Mission of Mercy projects. The New Life Home provides proper nourishment and medical attention for babies that are born to mothers who are HIV positive. Through prayer and proper care, these babies have a very high probability of reversing the HIV factor. The song, "Loving Each Other" was inspired by Boltz' trip to The New Life Home. The song challenges listeners to look past differences and to simply love each other.

In 2001, Boltz marked his fifteenth year of musical ministry with the re-release of Moments for the Heartin a special two-volume compilation of his most popular hit songs. A video and a DVD by the same name accompanied the anthology entitled Moments for the Heart, Vol. 1 & 2. The album featured such popular tracks as "The Altar," "Thank You," and "Shepherd Boy," along with Boltz's chart-topping hit, "I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb." Other popular singles included "What If I Give All" and "The Anchor Holds." An assortment of eleven key selections featured on the associated DVD included "I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb," "Thank You," and "What If I Give All." Likewise, a series of Concert of a Lifetime items for children were released at that time, including a CD, cassette recording, and video under the title Jesus Real Loud ... The Concert of a Lifetime for Kids.