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Randall Fears: "I believe that God has called us to minister to people of all ages and all nationalities and to bridge the gaps between Gospel and Christian music as well as Traditional and Contemporary music."

"God has also blessed me to write songs that are appropriate for diverse worship settings and are easy for choirs or praise teams to learn and sing."

Favorite Bible Verses:

Matthew 21:22…"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive"

Psalms 1: 1-6..."Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners, or sit in the seat of mockers, But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields fruit in season, and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.....For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish."

Randall Fears explains, "As a teenager my mom became ill and Lahoma Watson, my best friend's mother, became a "second mom" to me. She had six sons of her own and just made me number seven! She constantly told me to pray, stay faithful to God and He would bless me. When I left for college she told me to read Psalms 1 everyday."



Randall Fears and Blessed Through Christ Choral / Instrumental Group

This delightful collection of songs found on Randall Fears' new debut CD, ALL THE PRAISE can be described as Gospel Praise and Worship music full of the Spirit to bring joy and peace to one's soul; the sure way to get your day off on the right foot, or to cure the doldrums / ease the burdens of this world. Nothing like praising and giving thanks, showing gratitude to the Lord for what He has done in our lives and being reminded of the Lord's blessings and promising hope we have in our loving, faithful friend, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to lift the spirits and encourage a closer walk with Him.

Randall Fears brings all what he has learned and experienced in his musical training / experiences, in his own spiritual development, and his love for the Lord to create a variety of Praise and Worship songs which appeal not only to Gospel music lovers and churches who use Gospel music in their services, but also to those who love traditional and contemporary Christian music, broadening the appeal for this CD. For most of these songs would be well received in most types of services as Fears has successfully accomplished what he has stated in his mission statement above, leading the inspiring Blessed Through Christ Choir and talented band: "To minister to people of all ages and all nationalities and to bridge the gaps between Gospel and Christian music as well as traditional and contemporary music."

Randall Fears has the musical skill and experience to creatively compose Gospel music, using both traditional / contemporary Gospel and contemporary music in the such a way which is quite refreshing and inspiring. The compositions offer a variety of solid instrumental support, using basic band instruments found in most church music bands, including inspiring piano and organ parts, heard on Sunday morning / Saturday evening worship services.

Songs whose compositions showcase this creative blend of genres include ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL * TODAY * STAND UP

Randall creates lovely to energizing melodies, solid vocal choral harmonies and inspiring vocal solos suited for most church choirs, who use everyday people with a variety of musical talents, though the talents found in the performances of these songs by the soloists and The Blessed Through Christ Choir are excellent to professional quality, which is why the songs on this CD have found wider and wider audiences, appealing to many people who enjoy inspiring, joyful Christian music.

Under the Worship category, some standout anthems and moving prayer hymns which have special, unique qualities which are most enjoyable, include WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE * LIVE IN ME * TODAY * LORD WE THANK YOU * HEAR MY CRY

The great musical talents of the band are also very much evident as well. Musicians who not only play the notes but feel and express part of themselves in their music as well give inspiring performances both as a unit and as a voice in the overall sound of the musical composition.

A great example of this is the very electrifying Praise / Anthem song, HAVE FAITH - WOW! This song showcases not only the vocal talent of the soloist and choir involved, but the strong musical accompaniment. The musicians in the band really provide the drive, joy, and umph of the musical support, with not only melody support but with some impressive counter-melody jams which really add to the musical enjoyment, upping the excitement, expression of joy. They are obviously very experienced musicians, full of the Spirit!

Randall Fears also excels as a lyricist, being able to fully express the various themes of the songs so well in lyrical form, yet understanding the need to keep the words simple enough, especially in the Praise and Worship songs used for congregational worship, so that people can catch on easily and participate in group worship experience.

The title Praise and Worship song, ALL THE PRAISE is a great example of this; it has a simple yet very effective message perfectly matched with a glorious, memorable melody, and choral arrangement which has made it extremely popular among churches.

Randall Fears presents his music to the listener through Blessed Through Christ Choir...

Randall Fears has gotten together a vocally inspiring choir of talented vocalists and excellent soloists, to form Blessed Through Christ Choir, who are full of the joy of the spirit, with excellent diction to bring his songs roaringly to life on this ALL THE PRAISE CD. Being full of the Spirit, everyone involved musically on these songs express heartfelt love of the Lord and faith in Jesus in the most meaningful ways, which flows through this collection of songs.

It is no wonder that the songs on this CD are so uplifting and comforting, offering an inspiring listening experience, making this CD a strong favorite to pop in the player or computer for personal spiritual enrichment; or to inspire church choir directors / Praise teams to attend Randall Fears Music Workshops to be exposed to new music; or to encourage choirs and directors, learning from a very talented, Spirit inspired Minister of Music, Randall Fears.

This collection of songs also showcases the God-given, developed musical / lyrical / leadership gifts of Randall Fears, an up and coming talent whose abilities are hard at work in a music ministry full time for the Lord Jesus.

I highly recommend this CD for either your private Christian music collection or for church music program. You will be blessed as this reviewer was by exploring the songs, feeling the Spirit, and being greatly encouraged!!!


* Randall Fears is a Minister of Music / Accomplished pianist / Published Composer / Choral Director / Inspirational teacher who gives workshops to help other churches develop their choirs' music ministry.

* He is also an up and coming Christian Music Artist, composer and director of Blessed Through Christ Choir, with whom he finds himself going on tours because people are being blessed, touched and inspired by his music and want to hear live performances. Some of his songs have been noticed by the Gospel community and have made it onto Gospel radio song charts.

* Besides his own website, www.allthepraise.com, online record stores, like CD Baby, Amazon, .Ntimemusic.com/ and Napster music service have been selling his music as well.


Randall Fears & some members of his Blessed Through Christ Choir in Nashville on a tour.

Randall Fears shared generously with ChristianMusic.com about himself, his own faith journey, his personal testimony, and about his music through an e-mail interview.

Musical Influences as an Adult:

* "Richard Smallwood first. I think I have bought everything he ever put out. GMWA and GMWA Women of Worship. These series of albums and CDs exposed me to so many different writing styles. I was buying the music for years before I actually ever went to the workshop."

* "More recently…I am a Kurt Carr fan! His music does what I hope mine will do. Kurt writes music that churches throughout America are singing on Sunday in church. It is good to listen to in your car but it also useful for service on Sunday."

Spiritual Influences:

* "I love good preaching and the Word of God! So I watch many different ministers on television."

* "I carry my favorite book, "An Enemy Called Average" by John Mason around in my briefcase-I have for years! That is why I love it so!"

* "In recent years I have grown through reading Bruce Wilkerson (Prayer of Jabez, Secrets of The Vine) and Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life)."

Randall Fears Bio

"Most of my songs are based on what I have learned, what I was going through or how I feel."

It is always fascinating to know how a Christian music artist developed as a Christian, as a musician, and what in his or her life influenced their faith walk with the Lord.

The Lord began to prepare Randall for his music ministry from the very beginning, starting with his faith, character development, and musical talents. For, Randall Fears was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, in a two parent Christian home, which strongly encouraged young Randall to grow spiritually and musically, giving him many opportunities to develop his faith and his musical gifts; talents which the Lord had plans for, to promote His Gospel.

Randall shares about his first mentors, "My parents; I owe Russell and Lula Fears so much. As a kid we had times of plenty and then some lean times as well. My folks sacrificed for me so I could play sports and take piano. They stressed excellence, integrity, and faith."

Randall Fears reflects and shares with ChristianMusic.com, about his early musical training. "I studied piano privately from the late Edna Lashbrook from age 6 to 16 when she became too ill to teach. My mom was the daily practice warden! I learned mostly classical music-Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin. My dad, Russell Fears, had a dream that I would eventually play for his group. Dad has a great tenor voice and a Traditional Gospel group -The Russell Fears Singers. He has been singing in churches throughout Kansas City since he got here in 1959. Lessons were not an option!"

Randall continues, "God gave me a strong Gospel heritage through my dad, his group, and my first church home. Besides leading and singing in his traditional Gospel group, The Russell Fears Singers."

Russell Fears was also a choir director at a large Baptist church, during Randall's childhood and youth, meaning that Randall was really exposed to and experienced Gospel music from several viewpoints, through "watching, listening, and performing as well."

In fact, it is safe to say that young Randall was immersed during his formative years in music from both his dad's Gospel group and the church music experience, which also fed his spirit and drew Randall near to the Lord at a young age.

Randall recalls, "I was ALWAYS at church! Two or three services on Sunday, going around and out of town with my dad’s group and rehearsals! I was exposed to Gospel music—Roberta Martin, James Cleveland, and Andrea Crouch. I was saved at age 10 and started playing in my church by age 12. Dad also made me sit by the organ and piano and “watch and listen” to our musicians. This is how I started developing “an ear”. By 16 I had moved from under Dad’s wings and went to another church to become their musician."

This deep involvement with music on many levels was a blessing to Randall, not only because he learned so much about music, performing, and leading, but also it kept him firmly on the road which led to a much closer bond with the Lord.

Randall reflects, "God allowed music to be the anchor that kept me in church until I developed a personal relationship with Him. I believe that testimony shines forth through the music I write."

After high school, Randall went onto the University of Kansas, a time where he continued to enrich his musical experiences. He earned his degree in Business Administration, as he planned to make his living working in the business world.

Randall comments, "I played for the Gospel choir at the University of Kansas (KU). My college choir had two other musicians-a jazz major and a COGIC PK. I started learning from them to become less "traditional". My style has become an "eclectic mix" of classical, Baptist, and jazz!"

Outside of the college music experiences, young Randall also exercised his musical gifts for a local Baptist Church, which turned into a real opportunity to grow into a musical ministry for the Lord.

Randall shares, "I have been on staff at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas for the past 24 years! I started as a freshman in college as a pianist and became Minister of Music in 1987."

After graduating from college, Randall worked in the insurance field while being involved in the music at Mount Zion Baptist Church, as a side occupation; thus making music ministry a sideline, which wasn't exactly the Lord's plan for Randall. But not to worry, the Lord was patient and willing to guide Randall down the right path, step by step, continuing to build Randall's gifts, skills, and his confidence in his own musical efforts and leadership abilities.

At Mount Zion Baptist Church, Randall met his 2nd most important mentor, which influenced him greatly. Randall shares about the Paster Rev. C.L. Bachus.

"My pastor, Rev. C.L. Bachus; his common sense approach to leadership has made me a good Minister of Music. He also has allowed my church to send me to national workshops and bring in great talent to work with our music department and myself. God has blessed me to work with James Bignon, Kathy Taylor Brown, Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir, and the Midwest Conference of Christian Artists. I did not start going to conventions and workshops like GMWA until 1998-I was blown away! I started going every year after that!"

However, the Lord still needed to tweak Randall's faith and dependence on the Lord Himself, in order to use Randall in the music ministry the Lord had in mind for him. Nothing presents the opportunity to develop a stronger faith and dependence on the Lord than adversity!

Big bumps of trouble soon presented themselves on Randall Fear's road of life, and Randall had the opportunity to grow even more in his faith and change his thinking and his priorities.

Romans 8:28: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Randall Fears shares this Personal Testimony with ChristianMusic.com:

"Our vision of what our life is to be is totally different than God's vision."

"God has been preparing for this season of my life since I was a child. I have been blessed to be successful. I was valedictorian of my high school class, a pretty good basketball player, and cross-country runner. I went to college on a full academic scholarship. I've had good jobs, good moonlighting gigs, and a wonderful tenure as a Minister of Music. I had a wife, two daughters, home, good church home, security, stability, etc."

Randall states the problem / the disconnect which existed between what the Lord wanted him to do, and what he decided his life should be like.

Randall continues, "I did not realize or honor what God had given me musically. I had been writing music since high school. I had stacks of songs-but because I wanted to be a corporate executive and just do music "on the side" it never came forth. I became self employed in 1992 and have done well as an insurance agent and financial advisor. Things were going well-music was a part of my life but it was not what it should've been."

"But like Job, the tables started turning in my life. I went through a separation, divorce, stock market decline, and financial difficulties. I never thought I would go through a divorce…better yet what would people think of me…how would it impact my business, my church, and my life?"

"It was at this point in my life that I really became TOTALLY dependent on God. Saying that you depend on Him is one thing but once you are prostrate on the floor beseeching Him you know you are FOR REAL! Through my trials I became SOLD OUT. It didn't matter about Randy anymore; it was about doing God's will. I stopped worrying whether or not my voice and music was good enough to compete…I just wanted to do God's will. It didn't matter that I didn't have a record deal, radio promotion, distribution, or marketing…I knew I just had to do God's will."

"Even today I don't know how he's going to work it out but I just believe (like the Hebrews boys going into the fiery furnace in Daniel 3:19) that He is able! That's my motivation to go on in spite of present circumstances. He knows what the end of the story is-I just have to walk on in faith. I now have faith I wished I had all my life!"

As if a divorce / financial woes weren't traumatic enough, another big pot hole appeared unexpectedly. Yikes. When it rains, it sometimes pours. Randall recalls what happened next.

"Before my ex-wife and I settled our assets a tornado ripped through Kansas City and destroyed the home that we still owned together. As we set aside our differences and dug through the rubble I realized how fast things can change and how it is only by the grace of God that we are kept day by day. I looked at pieces of walls, furniture, and clothing scattered for miles."

"It was a turning point and a renaissance in my life. I prayed and asked God as in Hebrews 1 what was His will for my life. He told me to be a good father despite the circumstances. By December 2003 he told me to go forth with my music. It became like a burning passion that I had never had before. I believe that faithfulness to God's mandate has ushered in the season that myself and Blessed Through Christ are now experiencing. Remember only what you do for Christ will last…"

So, his music ministry became front and center. In addition to being the Minister of Music, Randall stepped out in faith in his new musical ministry / business venture and began to travel around to other churches, sharing his talents and experience with church choirs and music departments providing workshops to motivate and build their music ministries.

Randall explains, " I conduct Music Ministry Workshops to motivate choirs, teach new music, and to offer a 'musical revival.'"

As a tool to illustrate the points made in these Music Ministry Workshops and to display his own compositions to inspire others, sell some songbooks and display his song writing skills to other artists, Randall Fears made his first CD, ALL THE PRAISE. Interestingly this was the starting point for Randall Fears and his Blessed Through Christ Choir as a Christian music group, which has turned out to be yet another surprising development in this music ministry for the Lord, a ministry which now uses all his gifts, skills, and talents he has developed over the years.

It is amazing how the Lord can use our experiences to enhance our ministries. Randall Fears shares how his 14 year work experience in the business field also developed his ability to work with people, giving him important skills which he uses now in these Music Ministry Workshops, in creating his CD, and in now being a Christian Music artist/ leader of his Blessed Through Christ Choir /and working composer; using these skills to promote what the Lord has given him and developing not only this full time music ministry for the glory of Jesus, but also as a way to make a living.

Randall reflects, "I think my degree in Business Administration and six years of corporate management experience has allowed me to effectively mix Christian values with leadership skills. My fourteen years of sales experience as an insurance agent and financial advisor has taught me how to listen to people and offer solutions. Most of all I am humble and grateful to God that He has given me talents to use for His glory."

"My constant prayer is that He keep me grounded and He will be glorified through my efforts."



Randall Fears shares with ChristianMusic.com about how he found himself on this particular road, leading to this new, unexpected development in his music ministry and the founding of the Blessed Through Christ Choir. Randall had a plan for this CD, ALL THE PRAISE, but the Lord had other plans more far reaching than Randall had originally foreseen.

Randall explains, "This CD was initially supposed to be a studio project that was a platform to get my music out to churches. I also wanted to use it to promote my Music Ministry Workshops and to submit to other artists to display my songwriting skills. I had no desire to have an ongoing group, aspire to hit the gospel charts and radio or tour. But again-God had a different plan."

Randall Fears continues, giving a description of his talented choral group.

"I truly have an anointed group of people that has become a family. Most were people that I had run across through community concerts, a wedding, or right in my own church. The age range of early 20's to 40's is diverse. The singing abilities and number of soloists give us great flexibility. Most of all they love God and have been willing to follow the vision that God has given me. I lead-but I am very respectful of each member's family, job, and home church responsibilities. Everyone has limitations at times-especially me. We just find a way to work things out."

ChristianMusic.com: Anyone else you would like to mention who was important in making this CD?

Randall Fears comments:

* "I must say Thanks and God bless you' to Isaac Moreno. I was so green yet meticulous going into the studio. God put Isaac and myself together. He was patient and caught the vision that I wanted more than just a CD to say we had a project out."

* "I'd also like to thank Don Miller of Airborne Audio Productions for mastering the project."

* "And certainly thanks to the group who I encouraged creative input throughout the process. I wanted everyone to take ownership in the project."

ChristianMusic.com: How would you describe your music?

Randall Fears replies, "It's right 'in the middle' between Traditional and Contemporary/Urban Gospel Music. We have a few songs that people dub "Praise & Worship". I love the fact that some teenagers like the CD as much as some seniors. I also like the fact that people from all ethnic backgrounds enjoy the CD. We just sing, have fun, and praise God! I think the music is fresh and we don't really try to emulate anyone."

"I love all kinds of music. For some 20 years I moonlighted as a pianist at a local country club. My job was simple-to play background music in the formal dining room on the weekend. Requests required me to start learning all kinds of music that I was never exposed to-standards, ballads, jazz, show tunes, and more. I developed quite a repertoire! Playing for weddings since age 14 I had to learn all the latest wedding ballads. So ultimately I don't know whom I "sound like" or "emulate" when I write. I think the experiences of life just emanate through the music and God gives me the words."

ChristianMusic.com: How were you led by the Lord to use your musical gifts to write and sing songs? -

"Well, I must admit that songwriting is sporadic for me. Of course our life experiences are the greatest motivation for songs. But more importantly, I think when God is speaking you have to act right then-if you are driving, pull over. I often wake up in the middle of the night and start penning words or playing. I carry around my mini disc and sing into it…if you don't you probably won't remember things exactly the same later…"be ye also ready"…

ChristianMusic.com: How do you compose? From a keyboard? Guitar? Do the lyrics come first or the melody?

Randall explains,"I usually compose with lyrics first then I sit down and develop the accompaniment. Most of the time I get one phrase or one theme and go from there. I cannot tell you how many songs started on a napkin or a piece of paper while driving in my car. I also frequently come up with songs when I run in the morning. It is a time of meditation, tranquility, and thanksgiving for me."

Christianmusic.com asked Randall Fears to comment on the Spiritual content of this collection of songs and if he has a favorite song, to share why it is so special.

Spiritual Content of songs--"I always say there is no mistake about what type of music I write. All of songs have God, Jesus, Lord or Christ in them. I don't want to confuse the message. Most of my single sheet music references a scripture. My second printing of the Songbook (music book with sheet music to all the songs on the CD) will also reference a scripture for every song. Most of my songs are based on what I have learned, what I was going through, or how I feel."

Randall shares the history and what is special about the Title Song: ALL THE PRAISE. In 2005, the song ALL THE PRAISE made it onto Gospel USA Magazine's top 30 Independent Gospel Songs, rising to #3.

"All The Praise", the title cut of the CD has taken off as a Praise & Worship favorite in many churches. This is an answer to a prayer that I have prayed for many years. I asked God to allow me to write a song that would be a standard and a blessing to the entire body of Christ. I told Him it would be a confirmation that my writing would not have been in vain. All the Praise was so simple, I acted embarrassed when I let a few members of the group hear it. But when I saw their reaction I knew God had provided the anointing! It's so simple ANYBODY can learn it and sing it!"

Background of this song: "I passed a securities exam that I really hadn't studied enough for. I sweated through a three-hour exam and thought I had failed. I just knew I was going to have to reschedule, pay again, and take the same test over again! When the proctor told me I passed I walked outside in that brisk air, looked up towards heaven, and just started singing…'All the praise, all the praise, I give to you, all the praise! For everything you've done, all the Vic 'tries won I give to you all the praise'. I knew I didn't deserve to pass but it was God's favor. I know I didn't deserve any credit but it ALL belonged to God!"


Giving Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord - ALL THE PRAISE * WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE * LORD WE THANK YOU * I JUST LOVE YOU * STAND UP!

Blessings of believing in Jesus - JOY IN JESUS CHRIST * HAVE FAITH * LIVE IN ME

Jesus is our Lord and Savior: ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL * TODAY

Actively Belonging to Jesus - LIVE IN ME * HAVE FAITH * STAND UP! * HEAR MY CRY

EVALUATION of ALL THE PRAISE CD Songs: Individual Commentary and Review

* * * + JOY IN JESUS CHRIST - Words and Music by Randall Fears, 2003.

Lead Vocals: Ruby Kirkwood

CD gets off to a great start with this upbeat, victorious, contemporary praise Gospel anthem, with an easy beat giving thanks for the inner joy that Jesus gives us. A solid composition, with nice building dynamics, making good use of piano, horns, bass with organ embellishments / light support, providing a strong musical support for the main melody. Lead vocals by Ruby are excellent, on key and give evidence to this vocalist's great breath control. Backup choral vocals are enthusiastic, with a solid harmonic sound which works so well with the lead vocals.

Scriptural References: (Heb. 1:9, Col.1:10-11, Romans 15:13, 1 Cor. 2:4, Phil 4:6-8, Gal 5:21-22)


Chorus: Yes - I found it / Yes - I found it / I found joy that floods my soul / Yes - I've got it / Thank God - I've got it / I've got joy / In Jesus Christ our Lord! (Repeat)

Bridge: Jesus turned my life around ( Jesus turned my life around) / Broke that fallow ground (Broke that fallow ground) / Freed my soul from sin / thank God He gave me peace within.//

Don't you know that Jesus / Filled my heart with love / Wrote my name above / Now I am set free / Through His love I have the victory (the victory) / I've got joy / In Jesus Christ our Lord!

VAMP: Joy that makes me happy (Joy that makes me happy) / Joy that make me shout (and it makes me shout all the time) / I have the joy of the Lord! / Joy / Joy / I have the joy of the Lord!//

I've got joy in Jesus Christ / I'm so glad God changed my life / I've got joy in Jesus Christ / I'm so glad God changed my life / I've got joy in Jesus Christ our Lord!

* * * + + WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE - Words and Music by Randall Fears, 2000.

Third Favorite of this reviewer. Composed in a moving 3/4 meter, this blend of traditional / with elements of contemporary Gospel creates a stirring, dynamic anthem, complete with lovely full harmonies, strong heartfelt lead vocals full of joy and praise - Great to uplift the soul to start your day or de-stress after a long day.

Swirling feel is established immediately by piano & underlying support of organ, which establishes the energetic drive and feel of joy heard in this composition. Nice chromatic scale intros, throughout & right before vocals enter. Love the piano work during solo vocals. Another solid composition which makes good use of other instrument voices, which include the organ, sax, bass. VAMP and ending are most enjoyable. Listener will be singing along at this point!

Lead Vocals: Nicole Skinner - another talented soloist with great tone and breath control, who sings with a joy and love of the Lord.

Scriptural References: (Rev. 4:11 & 5:12, Psalm 110:1, Hebrews 2:7-8)


He is worthy / Jesus is worthy / He is worthy of all praise / Let us lift our hands / Together in praise / to our Savior / Lord and King! //

Bridge: Yes He is! / I know that He is / Worthy of all praise! / Yes He is! / I know that He is / Worthy of all praise!//

VAMP: Praise the name of Jesus our King / Majestic on His throne.
Soprano: Glo--ry Ho--sanna./// Alto: Glory and Honor Hallelujah Hosanna.
Tenor: Glory --Honor--Hosanna.// Base: Worthy of all praise!

Worthy of all praise! / Worthy of all praise! / Worthy / Worthy of all praise! / Worthy of all praise! /

* * * + + HAVE FAITH - Words and Music by Randall Fears , 2004.

Second favorite of this reviewer!!! The talents of all involved really bloom and inspire in this song!! A full-throttle roof raising, Gospel faith testimony anthem in a ballad form which encourages the listener with the Lord's promises one can hang onto during times of trial and stress, guaranteed to get the listener dancing around the room in joy and thanksgiving! Great, catchy melody and counter melodies throughout to go with the spirit of the song.

WOW! This song really cooks mightily along in a quick 2 beat, swing feel. Driving piano, organ, hot guitar, with horns, and a moving bass and drums offer a sizzling, tight musical support. They have no trouble at all slipping in fast syncopation, quick jazz rhythms. Inspiring guitar work adds a nice inner voice to the joyous musical mix.

Things really explode musically in a joyful way during the VAMP, with some pretty hot piano and organ playing, the perfect support for the joyous solo vocals and full harmonies coming from an equally enthusiastic choir!! Great buildup of dynamics. Very nice key segues and modulations.

Randall uses both traditional and modern harmonic choral sound. Full harmonies in choral sound right in the beginning of the song, are joyous, enthusiastic, and lift the spirits.

Elder Michael Randle was most impressive as he leads / sings / and preaches a little in a musical way. Hits some pretty impressive high notes.

Lead Vocals: Elder Michael Randle

Scriptural References: (Matt.17:20, Psalm 54:4, & 56:34, Prov.3:56, 1 Cor.1:8-9 & 15:58, 2nd Cor. 5:7)


Chorus: Have faith in Jesus - Believe and you shall receive / Have faith in Jesus - Believe and you shall receive./

Verse 1: A long time ago (Time ago) / I heard my mama say (Ooh, ooh, ooh,) / Trust in the Lord ( Yes) / And He will make a way / He will make a way / Didn't understand ( No) How this all could be / How mama had a God...that she could not see! //

Verse 2: Well times got rough (Rough) / Couldn't see my way (Ooh, ooh, ooh,) / I thought about my mama / And what she used to say (Mama used to say) / Got down my knees (Yes) And every since that day / Mama's God is my God... Now I have the faith! (You've gotta...)

Bridge: Just like Job / Who lost all that he had / But still he kept the faith / Just like Daniel / In the lion's den / Still he kept the faith.//

VAMP: If you (Have the faith) / The Lord will (Make a way!) / (Just believe) / And you shall receive / May not (Be today) / But just (Keep the faith) / In (His own time) / He will (Make a way!)

When you've (Given up!) / Can't (Find your way!) / When you (Least expect Him) / He will (Make a way!) Don't ( Doubt the Lord) / His (Word is true) / What's He's (Done for others!) / He will (Do for you).

Hook: I know what I'm singing / I mean what I say / And I know that the Lord will make a way (Make a way) / He will (Make a way) 4x/ Have faith in Jesus--Believe and you shall / Believe and you shall / Believe and you shall receive / He will (Make a way) / repeat and fade.

* * * + + ALL THE PRAISE - Words and Music by Randall Fears.

Favorite song of this reviewer. Perfectly glorious worship / prayer hymn, beautifully composed musically, both in the composition and choral parts, which touches the soul, encourages worship, and praise of the Lord. It is no wonder this song is so popular in church services. Begins softly on a poignant note, as background music, for Rev. Bruce Walker's opening narration. Composition builds in dynamics, building through the VAMP. Stirring, memorable melody supported beautifully by strings, string ensemble, key sythns, with nice sax work, all played with a feeling for worship, throughout the song. Narration by Rev. Bruce Walker, is nicely interspersed in-between choral singing of main refrain. Various harmonic parts sung beautifully in a spirit of worship, growing in dynamics and intensity.

The composition and vocal arrangements of the choir so skillfully put together fully bloom in the VAMP, becoming the punctuation point of this highly effective worship hymn. Natasha Douglas and Elder Michael Randle also jump in with the lead vocals during the VAMP as well. This composition quiets down very nicely at the end. An inspiring song which chokes up this reviewer every time!

Lead Vocals: Natasha Douglas, Elder Michael Randle. // Narration: Rev. Bruce Walker.

Scriptural References: (1 Thes. 5:17-18, Ephes.5:19-20, Psalm 34:1 & 71:6)


Narration: Lord we give you all the praise, we give you all the glory. Not just for what you done, but because of who you are. You've been better to us than we can ever be to ourselves. We just lift our hands in adoration to you. All our victories won, and all the things you done. We just give you the praise. Someone ought to help me sing... Hallelujah, Thank you dear God...

All the Praise, All the praise / I give to You / All the praise / For everything You've done / All the vic'tries won / I give to You / All the praise./

Soprano Vamp: I give You / I give You.// Alto Vamp: I give You glory / I give You praise / I give You glory / I give You praise.//

Tenor Vamp: I give to You. 4x

All the praise (repeat).


Lead Vocals: Elder Michael Randle.

Lyrics: For everything You've done / All the victories won / All the souls You've saved / All the lives You've changed / For every mended heart / Every brand new start / I give to You.

All the praise (repeat).

* * * + + LIVE IN ME - Words and Music by Catina Graham, Musical Arrangement by Randall Fears 2004.

Strong favorite of this reviewer. Another lovely prayer hymn written in a minor key, with memorable melody which stays with the listener. This simple, yet poignant song inspires contemplation and prayer. Catina Graham shows her talents both in song writing and singing from the heart, with her lovely voice. Perfect musical arrangement by Randall, who uses the piano as the main musical accompaniment, with some strings added in to fill out sound a bit in the refrain. Nice quiet sound of a rain storm during verse section of song, is mixed nicely in with the piano accompaniment.

Lead Vocals: Catina Graham.

Scriptural References: (2nd Cor. 4:6-7, Is. 68:8, 1 Cor. 3:16 & 6:19 & 19:18, John 15:16)


If there were no heaven, Lord / Where would You be? / If there were no heaven, Lord / You could live in me.

Refrain:Live in me Lord / Walk in me / Breathe in me Lord / Live in me.

If there were no heaven, Lord.

* * * + LORD WE THANK YOU - Words and Music by Randall Fears 2003.

Strong praise Gospel anthem, composed in 3/4 meter giving the song an energetic waltz feeling, carried so nicely by well-composed piano and organ, offering an inspiring accompaniment which fully supports the choir and solo vocalists. Song is a nice blend of traditional with some elements of contemporary Gospel.

Love the full choir harmonies so nicely heard. Soloists Nicole Skinner and Rev. John Porter have strong, lovely singing voices which also add to the listening experience.

Lead Vocals: Nicole Skinner, Rev. John Porter.

Scriptural References; (John 3:16-18, 2nd Cor.5:17, Romans 5:8, Heb. 6:19-20, 1 John 3:1)


Full Choir: Lord, we thank You / For this day / For the special way / That You fill our hearts anew / Lord we thank You / For this day / One more chance to say / That we really love You.///

Nicole Skinner: Lord, we thank You / For this day / For the special way / That You fill our hearts anew / Lord we thank You / For this day / One more chance to say / That we really love You.///

Rev. John Porter: Lord, we thank You / For your Son / Chosen as the One / To give His life for me / And since He gave His life / I have been set free / Now I am a child of God / And I'll live eternally./

Now I am a child of God, Now I am a child of God / And I'll live eternally./

Chorus: Thank you for the blessings You gave / Thank you for the souls You saved / Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ / Thank you for eternal life / Lord our Lord, Lord our Lord, Lord our Lord, we thank You.

Lord our Lord, Lord our Lord, Lord our Lord, We thank You.

* * * + + TODAY - Words and Music by Randall Fears.

4th Favorite of this reviewer. A modern, upbeat contemporary Gospel / Christian music Altar call song, with a catchy, infectious melody which is a most enjoyable musical vehicle for this rather serious message. Begins with a peppy piano / keyboard introduction, establishing easy 4 beat feel, which segues into a samba-like / Latin flavored rhythm in the verse 1-3, and a horn / maracas joins the musical stew. Composition then segues back into the regular easy 4 beat during Chorus.

Vocal harmonies in first verse as usual offer great full sound to state the main truth of the song, though a pairing of Sop. / Tenors for Chorus and Sopranos and Altos for second verse adds refreshing vocal variety! Janisha Douglas has a sweet, effective voice, and presents the lyrics in their best musical form!

VAMP - Composition and vocals bloom, adding a wonderful climax to the song.

Lead Vocals: Janisha Douglas, Randall Fears (Yes! Randall can also sing as well! - add that to his gifts!)

Scriptural References: (John 3:16-18, Luke10:27, Rev. 3:20, Ephes. 3:16-18)


All voices: Verse 1: He wants all of your heart / Jesus wants more than a part / Just give Your life to Him / He'll give you peace within./

Sop / Altos/ Tenors: Chorus: today / Don't wait for tomorrow / Today / Tomorrow may be too late / today.

Sop / Altos Verse 2: Don't let your chance slip by / Change your life / Change your life while you have time / You have time / Just try and you will see / How wonderful God's way can be / Ooh-ooh-ooh.

Verse 3 - Janisha Douglas Solo: Jesus came and gave His life / Sacrificed for you and I / Rose again to set us free / Now we can live eternally / Jesus came and gave His life (gave His life) / Sacrificed for you and I (you and I) / Rose again to set us free / Now we can live eternally / Today./

Chorus: Janisha Douglas & full choir.

Randall Fears lead / Janisha Douglas sings echo: Bridge: Jesus died on Calvary (died on Calvary) / To set the whole world free (whole world free) / Eternal life the choice is yours / duet: Live with Him forever more.//

VAMP: Today / Make your choice / Today / Don't delay / Today / Make your choice / Today / Don't delay / Today / Why not now? / Today / Choose the Lord / Today!

* * * + ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL - Words and Music by Randall Fears 2004.

Contemporary Gospel anthem, an usual altar call song, with nice blend of jazz elements, creating together a composition which sparkles both musically and vocally. An interesting vocal arrangement adds variety to the choral sound, led by the Narrator / leader Randall Fears, which he does very well! Natasha Douglas smooth vocals are delightful. Enjoyed another colorful VAMP which has an intricate balance between the Narrator / leader, the lead vocalist and the harmonious choir.

Lead Vocals: Natasha Douglas, Randall Fears.

Scriptural References: (Ephes.2:1-7, Heb. 4:15 & 7:25, Col 1:16b-21, John 14:6, Romans 8:2)


Narration: It is undeniable! It's unmistakable! It is a fact! It's the Gospel - The only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ. Can I get a witness? Sing your song!

Natasha Douglas: It doesn't matter who you are / It doesn't matter near or far / It doesn't matter where you go / It doesn't matter who you know / It doesn't matter what you do / One thing always stays true./

Only Jesus, Only Jesus, can save your soul! Only Jesus can save your soul! (N: Sing it again!)

Bridge: Don't fool yourself (Don't fool yourself )/ You'll be left / (Don't put it off) / You'll be lost (You'll be lost) / Try Him today / Don't delay / Only Jesus can save you soul ( There's no other way....) /Only Jesus can save you soul ( N: Let's say it again, I'm trying to make a point up in here!)

(Come on, Sopranos, sing it for me one time - There's no-o other way).

(Special) Soprano: There's no-o other way / There's just no other way --HEY! / Only Jesus can save your soul. // Come on, make it plain to me sing it again!

(Come on Altos)

Alto: To be born again / There's only one way in -- OH! / Only Jesus can save your soul./

(Come on , Tenors!)
Tenor: I'll repeat myself / Can't nobody else (Can't nobody else) - NO! / Only Jesus can save your soul (can save your soul).//

(Come on , Everybody!)

ALL in VAMP: I'll repeat myself / Can't nobody else - NO! / Only Jesus can save your soul /Only Jesus can save your soul / Only Jesus / Only Jesus / Only only Jesus / Only Jesus / Only only Jesus / Only Jesus / Can save your soul / Can save your soul / Can save your soul //

(You've been lookin' for another way, but there is no other way!) Only Jesus / Can save your soul / Can save your soul / Can save your soul

Hook: (grandma) Only Jesus can save your soul / Don't you know who we talkin' bout Suga?

* * * + I JUST LOVE YOU (Studio Praise) - Words and Music by Randall Fears 2004.

Simply lovely piano based contemporary Gospel worship song, a heartfelt love letter to Jesus, with a memorable melody and equally impressive full choral harmonies. Nicole Skinner puts her heart and soul into her vocals, full of the spirit. Moved also by the fine piano work heard throughout the song. Dynamics were well done.

Lead Vocals: Nicole Skinner.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 24:7-10 & 59:17 & 68:19-20, 35)


God of mercy / God of grace / My redeemer, Savior and King / Lord You are everything / Everything to me / I just love You / for being God.//

Chorus: Words can't explain / All You are to me / Words can't express / All You've done for me.//

Praise Chorus: I just love You for being God.//

* * * + + STAND UP! - Words and Music by Randall Fears 2004.

A lively audience participation praise and worship contemporary song, with a healthy dose of Gospel intermingled to get the Spirit flowing! A great favorite of the young and young at heart. It would find a home in any contemporary service. Nice lively melody with a peppy beat, nicely composed using piano, horns, electric guitar, which provide melody support and counter melodies as well. All together the band provides perfect musical vehicle for the very straight forward message. Full harmonies, an energetic, soulful lead vocals by Catina and the choir builds the spirit and momentum of the song.

The Bridge section offers a very pretty transition, a change in the melody, as the lyrics give praise to the Lord, expressing the main point of the song.

VAMP - Segues into a funky, hip hop beat, which groves and cooks along, as do the inspired choir and vocalist Catina Graham!

Lead Vocals: Catina Graham.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 92 & 138, Ephesians 5:20)


Verse 1: People of God here in this place / C'mon give God some praise / For the wonderful things that He has done / C'mon give Him praise / If the Lord's been good to you / You ought to say Amen / All the people of God stand up! / All the people of God stand up! /

Chorus: Stand up-- and be a witness / Stand up--and clap your hands / People of God stand up! / Stand up--and lift your voices / Stand up--and shout for joy / People of God stand up!

Verse 2: If my God saved your soul / C'mon give God some praise / If the Lord has truly made you whole / C'mon give God some praise / If you have air to breathe / Use it to say Amen / All the people of God stand up! / All the people of God stand up!/

Bridge: Hallelujah to the King / To Him we stand, clap and sing / You are the true and living God / We stand in reverence to Your name!

Chorus 2 : Stand up-- and be a witness / Stand up--and clap your hands / Stand up--and lift your voices / Stand up--and shout for joy./

Tag: People of God / All God's people present / People of God stand up!//

(If you really love the Lord! Stand up).

VAMP: Stand up! / Say Amen / Glory to God / Stand up! Say Amen./

Because he's awesome, My God is worthy....Stand up!!

* * * + + HEAR MY CRY - Words and Music by Randall Fears 2004.

Contemporary Prayer Gospel hymn of confession and petition, with an interesting rhythm pattern carried by the piano during the verses. A fine song to close this CD. Composition is piano based, with lovely flute accompaniment. Lead Vocals are very inspiring, backed up with the wonderful choral backup voices. Great dynamics, which swell and quiet down in just the right spots.

Lead Vocals: Randall Fears, Ladarron Williams, Nicole Skinner, Rev. Bruce Walker.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 32:5 & 51, 1 John 1:9, Heb.7:25)


Chorus: Hear my cry--Lord / I can't go on this way / I need you Lord / Hear my cry.

Verse 1: Lord I failed You --Yes I did / Lord I let You down / I'm so unworthy / And I'm so ashamed.

Verse 2: I feel so far away / From Your love / Please forgive me / I'm sorry Lord.

Verse 3: Lord, look past my faults / Oh yes--and see my needs / Purge me in Your precious blood / And wash me --wash me clean.

Verse 4: I'm calling Your name Lord / Please hear my earnest plea / I'm begging--I'm begging--I'm asking--I'm pleading Lord / On bended knee./

VAMP: I need You Lord (3x) / I need You everyday / I need You come what may / I need You Lord / I--I--I need You Lord (2x) / I need You Lord (2x) / Hear my cry (5x).

HEAR MY CRY (Reprise) - Words and Music by Randall Fears.

Simply lovely and inspiring, this peaceful, moving prayer chant is great follow-up to the above song, probably sung during congregational private worship time.

Lead Vocals: Catina Graham.


Prayer Chant: Hear my cry O Lord / Wash me clean O Lord / Save my soul O Lord / Make me whole O Lord.//

Hear my cry (repeat).

Reviewed by Julie Carr for ChristianMusic.com

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