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About PureNRG

There are few people in the entire world that can claim they signed their first record deal at age 11. Even fewer began the process at age 3. For Carolyne Myers (11), Jordan Yates (14), and Caroline Williams (11), it has been several hundred dance competitions, school plays and recitals that have brought them to this place from their initial meeting at a dance studio eight years ago.

From their energetic live performances to their deep-rooted desire to spread the gospel, pureNRG personifies the phrase “Faith in Action”. The youthful trio burst onto the scene with their top-selling Fervent Records debut, rapidly becoming one of the most popular young acts in both mainstream and Christian circles.

pureNRG has become a favorite on Radio Disney and have logged a tremendous number of miles on the road, first as the opening act on JUMP5’s farewell tour, and most recently on the Winter Jam tour with MercyMe, BarlowGirl and Skillet. The group - comprised of Carolyne , Jordan , and Caroline - debuted last year with a self-titled CD and followed with two DVD releases that showcased not only their vocal skills, but also their amazing acrobatics and complex choreography.


The momentum continues with Here We Go Again, the trio’s sophomore release on Fervent Records.  “It’s high energy and it’s also something that you can let your kids listen to,” says Carolyne, describing the group’s music with a directness and candour that seems older than her late tween years. “With my mom, if we want a CD, she has to check it out first and I think parents will feel very at ease with the CD and the songs because of the message and the energy. They know their kids will be having fun, but also listening to good music.”

Each member of the group brings a diverse skill set to pureNRG. They’ve all been involved in dance since the age of three and are all engaging vocalists who know how to deliver a great pop song with enviable style and panache. Most importantly, they are committed young believers who are active in church and their community.

In recording their second CD, the group once again enlisted producers Rob Hawkins and Mark Hammond, who steered the group’s successful debut effort. Though none of the group members are even old enough to be sophomores in high school, they were suddenly faced with the possibility of one of the most feared phenomena in the music industry - the dreaded sophomore slump.

“We put it out of our minds because we were looking for the same kind of songs,” says Jordan of the group’s If-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it mentality. “When we started listening to songs for the new album, we were so in awe of how many great songs there were.”

“Here We Go Again” opens with the buoyant title track, a high-energy tune with a catchy chorus that is an instant sing along. “Any Which Way” continues the good time vibe, and Jordan cites it among his favourites on the album. “It’s saying to give yourself to God and to let Him take you wherever He wants you to go, and that’s what we do,” he says.

When they aren’t on the road, Jordan , Carolyne, and Caroline attend school and are active in church activities. “We go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it’s like a normal school,” explains Carolyne of the school they attend that caters to home-schooled students. “It’s fun because we get to have school friends and be like normal kids. We usually go on the road Thursdays, and we just stay organized with our school work.”

PureNRG’s stage show is totally engaging and the music both entertains and inspires. There’s no denying the fun factor these three young artists bring to table, yet each one will readily tell you, there’s so much more they want to offer. “We came here to teach kids and people about Christ and turn people’s lives around,” says Jordan.