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POLARADIO is a focused, honest, dynamic Christian rock band with an edgy, soulful sound.Some rock groups with Christian roots, don't perform music which is openly "pro-Jesus," because they are afraid of closing the door to the secular audience who would enjoy and support their rock music, but not the "Jesus talk."

I'm glad to report that not only does POLARADIO offer its listening audience lively, spirited, well-performed, uplifting music, true to the rock genre, but it also reflects a group of men whose personal spiritual growth and closeness to the Lord has resulted in being front and center for Jesus, celebrating the hope we have in Him, by pointing to him in their own way, in this collection of songs.

For they intensely express their faith and love for the Lord with melodic, dynamic to poignant electric rock & piano compositions paired with honest, emotional, real lyrics which express the pain and joy of life experiences, pointing to the hope and peace one finds in Jesus Christ's mercy and love. This group of Christian rockers were drawn together to create music which "witnesses to the amazing power of God's redemptive love in daily life and real daily situations."

Dusty explains further about the spiritual motivation and foundation behind their music to Christianmusic.com,

"POLARADIO is not about a rosy Christian life... but it is about life; the ups and downs, the joys and disappointments, the smiles and the tears… except, we want to leave you hopeful… because there is a great ending!"

Dusty continues, "People think Christians are these people who are supposed to have it all together, to have all the answers, and always go around with a plastic smile on their face. The lyrics to me are essentially journal entries. I am, like other humans, a person who makes mistakes, falls flat on my face, and hurt sometimes."

"The difference is, I have all the answers I need: That the same God who made the universe, became man, died for my sins, and rose again, paying the price for my sins so that I can have eternal life with Him. If that doesn't make you love someone with all of your heart and all of your life, I don't know what would. I don't see myself, or the band, as a preacher, but as a witness to the amazing power of God's redemptive love in daily life and real daily situations."


Meet the members of POLARADIO:

Dusty Hughes. David Ashley, Frank Romero, David "Buzz" Busby, and newcomer Dwayne Seibert. They graciously shared about their lives, their experiences, their struggles and challenges, their spiritual journeys and their thoughts with ChristianMusic.com, which helps to shed light on how they grew and became such a united, focused Christian rock band, truly dedicated to witnessing about the hope and love of Jesus.

David Ashley (electric & acoustic guitar, background vocals) - "I grew up in a home of Christian values. My parents are/were God fearing people and they instilled that in all of us kids. I was one of 8 children… the second to the youngest."

"I had a time in my late teens and early 20's when I wasn't so involved in my faith. OK, maybe that's an understatement - I was a challenging teenager. There was rebellion and experimenting with drugs and alcohol."

"My world took a whole different turn after my children were born. It was a time of renewing my faith and focusing on my whole purpose in this world. Since that time it has really been a constant renewing and acknowledgement that this God I serve is always present and available in everything and everyone in my life. I've had influences from many different sects of Christianity… some more positive than others, but it has all served me in that I still find myself growing in and knowing this Savior in deeper and more profound ways every day."


David Buzz Busby (lead guitarist) - "I was born in the Bay Area of California in the early 1970's. My parents were divorced by the time I turned 2. Things were rather unstable for much of my youth as I lived with different family members and moved from California to Colorado to Arizona. Through this instability, no matter where I was, I could turn on the radio and hear a familiar song. I believe this helped develop my love for music at an early age. By the time I was 10, I quite literally knew about every song on the radio, country, rock, oldies, I knew it all.

Family members would get a kick out of showing off this talent to their friends. They would turn the dial and stop on a station and I would say the name of the song and who was performing it, then they would go on to another station. I think the circumstances of living in different homes really exposed me to many kinds of music and ideas."

David's early musical experience started with the French Horn, and then the guitar.

David explains, "Around age 11, I moved to Colorado and joined the school band where I made the French horn my first victim. I did not like the instrument much, I think they just needed one in the band and I agreed to play it. I did like the idea of being able to make my own music however. I remember sitting in more than one concert making up my own music as the band played. It must have sounded horrible. Shortly after moving to Arizona around age 13, I picked up a guitar and I have not stopped playing since."

Like many people, it was a grandparent in David's life which first planted seeds of faith, which were later watered by the love of his life.

David tells his faith story. "I was around 9 years old when I started attending Sunday school while living with my Grandmother. It was not very formal and it lasted less than a year. However this would be the only religious foundation I would have to draw back on until reached my early 20's. I prayed and I believed, but I did not realize the significance that Christ played within the world around me. Many years passed without an understanding or close connection with God, but all the while I was unknowingly searching for that missing piece in my life. That all changed when I met someone whose spirituality enlightened and impressed upon me a much deeper awareness of my place within God's plan, and I was all ears. After receiving formal religious instruction that someone became my wife."

David continues, "The Lord has blessed my family and I more than I could ever have imagined. I have been happily married for 13 years, which has brought us the additional blessings of 4 children.

Concerning his thoughts on being a part of POLARADIO:(From website)

David: "For me, POLARADIO is the answer to many questions. It's very fulfilling to be in a band that focuses on a positive message. We enjoy what we do, and hope that people can be inspired by our music."


Frank Romero grew up in a large Catholic family, loved by conscientious, patient parents, with nerves of steel.

Frank Romero shares, "I grew up in an area in South Texas known as the Rio Grande Valley which is about five miles north of the Mexican border in the City of McAllen. I'm the oldest of seven and raised in a strict Catholic family and attended Catholic school. My parents taught us well despite having so many of us to keep track of. I have a great deal of respect for them for the patience that they had with us. We were a raucous bunch and a handful!

Frank's exposure to music began early in life, fostering his interest and natural talent.

Frank shares, "I grew up around music and instruments since both of my parents sing and play the guitar. I studied music in the school bands and took part in the marching and concert bands. Unfortunately I never got to play for our church choir as my father has done ever since I can remember. He's still very active as a guitar player and singer at age 75! Way to go Dad, and may God Bless us with your great talent for many years to come!!"

Frank continues, "I'm essentially self-taught on the bass guitar. My father taught me the fundamentals and I took over from there. I remember my very first performance was at a party in someone's back yard, we sounded terrible, but it was fun."

"I played and sang with performing and recording bands during my 'hair band' years. I had three songs on Spanish Radio after recording with a Spanish band "Eternidad" which translates to Eternity. It was a novelty to hear myself play on the radio and quite fun to be honest. I'd love to experience that all over again with Polaradio!

Concerning POLARADIO, Frank shares with ChristianMusic.com

Frank: "I was somehow led to answer an ad for a bass guitar position with the band Hughes. I've been inspired by the message of our songs ever since."

Polaradio Bio

Dwayne Seibert, the newest member of POLARADIO shares with ChristianMusic.com about his early life and experiences.

Dwayne grew up on "the 'Right Coast' Rockville Maryland, between 'Bal-More' and 'WaR-shington'…If you'd ever lived there you would understand and talk funny too!"

He was the middle child, having one older brother, one younger sister, besides Mom & Dad, with "usually a Cat or two." He grew up in a Christian home and experienced being a member of a church family.

Unlike a lot of parents who are blessed with drum sets in their home or garage, Dwayne was encouraged to practice his skills, without the concern of the volume produced! (I know how loud a drum set can be, being a parent myself of a drummer!)

Dwayne commented, "Truth be told, most drummers during my "upbringing" were told to develop quietness….My parents excluded!"

His first endeavors on the drums occurred early in his life, "hitting the pots and pans, playing along with my parents' 45's and LP's. He also enjoyed "listening to Drum a Bugle Corps Records with my Dad & playing on his Ludwig Bid Band Kit," and played in school bands.

Dwayne remembers his first "performance" clearly!

"Ouch…..1967 A karaoke performance of the Monkeys "Daydream Believer", during a Family Thanksgiving celebration filmed in 8mm without sound. My drum kit was a wood chair turned around backwards. I hope that film doesn't surface anytime soon!"

Other Musical Endeavors....

Besides playing the drums, Dwayne started writing songs in 2004, and playing the organ and piano in 2006.

Dwayne shares that he has grown spiritually over the years through "reading the Bible over and over and over".

When asked, "How did the Lord prepare you for your life of service through music?"

"He had me read Psalms 150 when I was 40!...I guess I'm just slow…"

Dwayne shares his thoughts about POLARADIO on their band website:

"Polaradio's music, attitude, positive message, and members, are what I have been hoping for my entire playing career. Before auditioning for the band, I had actually stopped playing and packed up my drums for about a year. I was convinced that I would never find a musical environment like this. I'm glad I was wrong. I have a huge gap to fill, and I appreciate, and am blessed beyond words for this opportunity."

The catalyst which brought these musicians together to create and express this very real fiery love and hope in the Lord with edgy, powerfully poignant rock music lays at the feet of two very talented brothers, Adam and Dusty Hughes, blessed with powerful voices, and great pipes, breath control, songwriting skills, gifted with leadership and grounded in the Lord. For, POLARADIO is the result of two bands coming together for this CD project; HUGHES (Adam's band) and POLARADIO (Dusty's Project).


About Dusty and Adam Hughes.....

From the very beginning, Adam and Dusty Hughes were blessed by a Christian upbringing, by loving parents and a rich exposure to music, which planted seeds of faith and encouraged their musical and vocal talents.

Dusty shared with Christianmusic.com: "Born in Huntsville, Alabama, raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was raised by two very wonderful parents who loved the Lord. And music! My parents, who lived near Muscle Shoals, Alabama, were friends with a lot of well-known musicians. It was the best environment one could possibly have. My Dad played guitar, mom was always singing, and with their friends often visiting, it was inevitable that I tinkered around with every musical instrument I could get my hands on."

When asked when he started singing / playing instruments / writing songs, Dusty replied, "It depends on the definition of writing songs, lol! I was writing stuff when I was a kid. I thank God there's no evidence of that these days! I started playing guitar at 10, never really started singing until I was 20 or so, and not seriously until I was 24."

When asked about what talents or attitudes / character qualities he (and his brother as well) were encouraged to develop, Dusty shared, "I was never really told who or what to be, so much as I was just given an example by my parents. They are both very honest and real, full of integrity."

Both Dusty Hughes (lead guitar & vocals) and Adam Hughes (lead vocalist and guitar player) played and performed together in their rock band, SECOND STONE, for a 10 year run. Afterwards, Dusty entered a solo career, and became more involved with music production, and Adam took a rest from the road and wrote music.

Two years after SECOND STONE disbanded, Adam Hughes formed another band, HUGHES, with the help of guitarist David Ashley. Members Adam Hughes, David Ashley (guitarist), Al Boyce (on drums), Frank Romero (bassist), and Ken Goldberg (guitarist) went to work, experiencing early success and recognition. Their debut CD, DO IT ALL AGAIN, is a project which brother Dusty Hughes not only helped with the vocals, but also produced the CD, a skill he has been honored for on past projects.  DO IT ALL AGAIN offered themes in the songs about building on the past. "It's about being more complete, better, stronger... spiritually, personally and professionally."

David Ashley explains to ChristianMusic.com, how he had become involved in this band, after retiring from the music scene. He had taken a straight job, and was resigned to just performing music in the privacy of his own home.

David shares, "After high school I played with a variety of people - some very talented. I played in worship bands and for other ministry purposes throughout the years. My interest in music actually diminished quite a bit for many years. I just couldn't find the right people or music I thought was worth playing. So, I played mostly the old standards in the privacy of my home."

David continues, "Then in 2004, I hired Adam Hughes to work for me at my Internet software company. I learned that he had been in a Christian band and was a very talented singer. After months of him repeatedly nagging me to come and play for him and help him start up a new band, I gave in and we put together a band called HUGHES. HUGHES was doing pretty well. We were semi-finalists in the Unveiling (put on by onseeker.com); we were also semi-finalists in IWSM (Independent World Series of Music) and we were gaining some very good reviews."

About 6 months after the band HUGHES was formed, Dusty Hughes, with his songs in hand, invited his brother, Adam Hughes, David Ashley and Frank Romero (bassist) to join a new band, to be known as POLARADIO; who would perform these songs on tour and in concert.

After picking up another talented lead guitarist, David "Buzz" Busby, these five musicians hit the floor running, experiencing success and the joy of the Lord performing together. The band then became Adam Hughes (on drums, vocals), Dusty Hughes (guitar, keyboards and lead vocalist), David Ashley, (backup vocals and acoustic guitar), David "Buzz" Busby (lead guitarist) and Frank Romaro (bassist).

David Ashley explained the turn of events of what happened next.

"Adam was playing drums. We had several great rehearsals and was very much looking forward to taking both Hughes and POLARADIO on the road. Then tragedy struck. Adam was killed in a motorcycle accident in March of 2007."

David continues,"This, of course, turned our world upside down. That God had blessed us so much with what we had accomplished and had put this vision in us - and then this?! Just when I thought I had seen God's plan for us, we were dealt this blow."

Dusty shares the heart break of losing a brother / fellow musician in the Lord, and his reflections and thoughts about how the love of the Lord saw him through this huge sorrow, as the Lord had done many times before in other events in his life, though probably not as painful as this tragedy.

Adam Hughes

"I think the tragic loss of my brother in March was something that really shook me to the core. An experience like that challenges who you are and where you stand. I have learned that no matter how dark and hopeless a situation looks, God will always carry you through. I think of that poem "Footprints", and by now it's become almost trite, but when you witness it happening in your own life, it gives you a profound awe of Him. Always hold on to Him and He will see you through."


David Ashley shares his reflections and offers this testimony:

"Like so many times in life, this taught me to know that God is who He is and we should never presume too much of our future. Strange enough, I was never angry at God for 'taking' Adam; I was more perplexed at what His real plan was. I had to take some time off after Adam's death. So, I went to be with my mother in Michigan for a week or so. I prayed that God would show me something to get me out of this funk."

David continues, "It was in a song on the POLARADIO CD, DON'T LOOK BACK. It's about not allowing the past to ruin the present or future. It reminded me to learn from the past but to always be looking forward. And so when I got back to Colorado I had a chance to sit down with Dusty at a local coffee shop. We decided, over a cup of cappuccino, to move forward with POLARADIO. Many great things have happened over a cup of joe! I'm hoping POLARADIO is one of them."

"Life is full of ups and downs. I've been on the mountain top and I've suffered through terrible losses, damaging habitual behaviors, and very regretful situations… God forgives and restores us and God can also forgive and restore those who have wronged us. I've learned that we have one thing in this life - we have 'now'. We have now to choose Him, to do good, to love, and to forgive. And what we do in the now shapes our tomorrow - even (and especially) the small, insignificant things. There is a better day ahead. We do have hope… because we have now, and because we have a God of great promise."

Polaradio Bio

David Buzz Busby, and Frank Romero offer these final insights:

David Busby - "Life can be rough at times but it is the path we have been put on. We do not choose the country, social status, or family we are born into, but we all have one Father. If we do our best to live according to our Father then we will know happiness. For me, music is just one more affirmation of the existence of a kind and just Creator. Around the world, from the beginning of time, it seems every culture no matter how primitive has knowledge of a Supreme Being and a way to communicate through music. I feel that music is the expression of the soul."

Frank Romero - "Long story in a nutshell, we feel on top of the world when things are going good for us, we tend to lose sight of what's really important when everything is going our way. We can easily become self-centered by falling into this trap. On the other hand, we instinctively seek shelter when things go bad. I experienced this and it opened my eyes to the evils that exist in this world. Evil is all around just waiting to get a grip on us; our faith in God is what steers us away from it."

"The best words of wisdom that I can offer is to humble yourself, treat others the way you would want to be treated, pray daily, nightly, thank the Lord for everything that he's provided you, be happy with what you have and don't be envious of other's material possessions. God places limitations on us and expects for us to do with what he's given us. Engage in acts of kindness."

Polaradio Bio

Dusty Hughes (songwriter, vocals, keyboards), David Ashley (backup vocals, electric & acoustic guitar), David "Buzz" Busby (lead guitarist), Frank Romaro (bassist) and Dwayne Seibert (drummer) now are the solid, energized, focused, spiritually filled musical ensemble which propels the music of POLARADIO. Their performance of the collection of songs found on the album, POLARADIO, has caught the attention of several record labels. While it would be great if early next year, POLARADIO would be signed with a record company, Dusty explains to ChristianMusic.com his thoughts.

"I absolutely agree that it would be awesome and incredible to be able to share the message on that kind of level, but I've always been of the view that the band is just to go where God leads, whether it's on tour opening for some huge band, or whether it's singing locally to someone who just needs to hear it. I have to separate myself from the typical band point of view (you know, every band in the world is looking for that big break) and just be comfortable and willing to go wherever God leads, be it big or small."

The album, POLARADIO, is a collection of songs of which I look forward to reviewing soon. The listener finds a variety of rock anthems, ranging from gritty spirited rock, to intense, dynamic prayer and worship hymns done in their musical style of rock to poignant yet dynamic piano-based ballads.

However, there is an underlying emotional, driving current, which flows throughout the songs, despite the type of song offered. The quality of musicianship is most enjoyable courtesy of a sound, precise guitar ensemble, powerful, emotional and dynamic vocals and accompaniment, which together delivers a punch to the uplifting, real, easy to relate to lyrical messages which ultimately offer hope in the Lord. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit is definitely there.

I look forward to hearing more of this energized spiritual rock music in their new albums in the future!

Julie Carr - For ChristianMusic.com


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