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Tiffany Arbuckle (vocals)
Paul Moak (guitar)
Michael Jones (drums)
Tracy Ferrie (bass)

Since Tiffany Arbuckle and her band gelled together shortly after the recording of the first self titled album, and then hit the road in 1997 and 1998 with multi-platinum-selling labelmate Jars of Clay, all the while watching Plumb sales climb to over 100,000 units out there, life has been one wild ride. Now, with the release of a sophmore project on essential records, she and the band sound as though they've had a minute to catch their breath, stretch, think over things a bit, and expand the signature aggressive sound.Tiffany comes to the front on Candy coated waterdrops, often intoning words and stories like a more impassioned Suzanne Vega, with a nod towards influences stretching from Patty Griffin, Alanis Morissette and Garbage, to Sarah Mclachlan or Sheryl Crowe. But, despite stretching, growing, and changing, one aspect of Plumb that remains rock solid and constant is Arbuckle's overriding mission to shed light upon dark places's, especially subject matter many artists, and Christians especially, don't feel comfortable addressing.




Hi. Just caught a snippet of 'God-shaped Hole' while watching Bruce Almighty and had to stay till the end of the credits to see who was singing it. Great voice, great image.

Rev. Gareth Hill, Methodist Minister in Wadebridge, North Cornwall

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It was in Septmeber of 1998 when I first met Tiff, Mike, Tracey and Paul. I, then, was a drug addict but loved music. I had sampled their cd by chance, or so I thought. I listen to their self titled cd and felt something I had never before when I heard "Willow Tree" myself. As a singer myself, I was intriged by Tiffany's voice and her lyrics seemed to tell a story of my life. If you recall in Willow Tree, its about someone who is suffering from alcoholism. I loved the part when it says "Through my selfishness, I couldn't see where you were coming from, It took your leaving to see, to see what I'd become, you saw past all the things I've done." These words did something to me, spoke to me, or whatever you want to label it. It freed me, I had to get away from the drugs and get into God. I met Tiffany severals times but that first day in Sept., 1998 she had me on stage with her to sing "Willow Tree". I don't really know quite how it happened but it saved my life.Since then, I consider Tiffany, Paul, Mike, and Tracey, friends of mine, they have even helped my older brother and shown him and myself so much love. There is something more than just music they are sharing, if you listen and if you stay true fans to them, they will re-pay you ten fold.


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Plumb is peachy!Howdy! Plumb is a very interesting group and I must say I like them! One thing that stood out a lot with me, about tier music, was the fact that there were songs about love and not sex! I think somebody FINALLY got the picture! I was so grateful I nearly cried! I do have one question, though. What is DrugStoreJesus about? I mean, I just don't get it no matter how many times I listen to it?


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Plumb has been such a inspiration to me and has helped me go through the bad times when I was at rock bottom. Tiffany Arbuckle puts so much emotion and emphasis on her lyrics it is just breathtaking! She has taught me that the lord is there in every way and always will be. She is an inspirational musician and I hope there is more of her music to come! Thank you and God Bless!

Sincerely, Cara A

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Hello my name is Cara, and I recently gave my life to God. I have never been so proud of myself, because it was something I did on my own. Without the guidance of anybody except the lord. I first accompished this by being introduced to a church that has never made me feel more welcomed. Through out a time period I started going to church and listening to Christian rock. There has been one group that has just stuck with me and that is Plumb. They are a very talented group and a very spirited one at that! Tiffany Arbuckle has inspired me not only with her music but with her voice as well. She tells the story with her voice, and emotions. So give a listen towards Plumb, they are the best!

Cara, KS

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