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About Planetshakers

Planetshakers is more than a band name, it’s more than just a ministry and it’s far from an isolated experience. Planetshakers is a foundation shaking movement that’s sweeping Australia off its feet and it’s about to burst the bubble of American culture. The concept is simple: combine cutting edge speakers with topical relevance and worship woven music that reflects cultural relevance under the context of a super charged conference. Consider it comparable to the Hillsongs movement, but with an explosive, youth-oriented twist.


“There’s something powerful that happens when you mesh a spoken word message with the energy and explosion of live music,” says Planetshakers’ founder and director Russell Evans.

Planetshakers have been satisfying the appetites of the once spiritually bankrupt since 1997 when its first weekend conference was staged in front of 300 students at Paradise Community Church in Adelaide , South Australia . In the years that followed, the event ballooned at rapid rates, reaching 4,000 attendees by January 2000. Come this winter, Planetshakers pulled in 20,000 faithful in three major Australian cities: Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

“Other than God’s hand being over the ministers, I think the reason for the growth is because Planetshakers understands young people’s needs and are able to bring it beyond just a worship experience,” contends Evans after a moment of reflection on its evolution. “The goal is for people to have an encounter with God and the objective from there on out is to build local churches and ministries that young people can get plugged into. It all boils down to the fact that this is an instrument in raising up a new generation for the church.”

Aside from the powerful preaching and enlightening instructional sessions, much of the soul penetration lies in the music’s strength, brought together by singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Henry Seeley. This creative director extraordinaire has been the figurehead behind Planetshakers’ four modern worship albums that have sprinted up the Christian charts back home.

Thanks to such effectiveness overseas, the Truth centered group has hit American radar screens, starting with various Word label representatives, leading to president Barry Landis. The well-respected music industry veteran caught the Planetshakers’ buzz upon immediate impact, which he hopes will be recreated in America via a record contract and the forthcoming Open Up The Gates CD.

As the two entities’ courses aligned on the same track, so did brainstorming surrounding the Planetshakers’ stateside introduction. Unlike the group’s previous recordings, which were recorded live and released following each conference, this album was cut in studio and available as an instant take home resource following this year’s gathering. The material is also 100% original and written entirely by group members, not just a rehashing of continuously covered standards.



“Open Up The Gates has already made an incredible impact in the congregational setting,” explains Seeley. “It also has a place with the individual that gives them an outlet to pour themselves wide open and be desperate before God.”

From the preliminary rhythmic roars of the title track (a preparatory cut that calls all into the presence of God) to the ethereal closer “How I Love You” (a hands up tear jerker) the gang engages, envelopes the senses and entertains. Along the way, moving mid-tempo rocker “You Are Holy,” swooning ballad “It’s All About Jesus” and the earthy acoustics of “Reason I Live” further draw people to the foot of Christ’s throne.

Planetshakers’ plan is to press on with its Divine Calling. As the title of the record boasts, the group seeks to open the gates of heaven by boldly proclaiming and having people accept the Gospel here on earth.

“If you’re really going to capture the planet, you really have to shake America and the entire country’s hearts,” Director Evans concludes.  “ Australia saw the passion and joined in already. God has given us the same mandate to capture the hearts of American young people and then the tone is set from there- to empower young people one territory at a time to win the world for Christ!”


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