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About Pigeon John (PJ)

Often labeled Christian because of his positive messages and references to God, Pigeon John was born to mixed-race parents in Omaha, Nebraska.

In the early '90s he was performing at open mikes at Good Life Café, where other seminal acts like the Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship got their start. For the next several years, he grew and learned how to truly rock any crowd, whether it be hip hop or punk rock, he would adapt and relate to them with honesty.


His independent debut album, "Pigeon John is Clueless" has sold over 11,000 copies out the trunk so far.  The album was released in 2001 by The Telephone Company and then re-released in 2002 by The Telephone Company/Syntax Records with 3 new tracks and new artwork. No cussing involved and a reverance for the Lord above, John is lyrically on his grind with this album.


In 2003 PJ's 2nd solo album, "Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister", dropped. In this project he blended melody with rhythm, heartbreak with hip hop and washed away stereotypes. With influences from De La Soul to the Beatles, Pigeon John opens up a brand new sound that will relate to all. His lyrics come from the heart, his beats come from the crates as he connects with backpackers, cheerleaders, and punk rockers alike, with ease.

In 2005 PJ released his 3rd solo album, "Pigeon John Sings The Blues". In this, more mature album, PJ confronts his spirituality, his relationship with his wife, and his place in the small world that he has created around his career.


And the Summertime Pool Party is the 4th solo album by Pigeon John.  Released  September 12, 2006, it features guest appearances from artists like DJ Rhettmatic, Brother Ali, RJD2 & J-Live. The song "Higher!?" was also featured in the 2007 basketball game NBA Live 07.

This album brings a message of finding joy in the midst of the struggle. The bouncy, infectious “Higher?!” looks back at the early days of “basketball and Hasselhoff,” covers the Beastie Boy era, and climbs chromatically to finally “rise above like a dove.” Several short tracks serve as humorous introductions to slice-of-life songs, like the hilarious “Scene 2- I was just looking at her jeans” and “Money Back Guarantee,” Poindexter trying way too hard to meet girls.

Touring the nation 8 times over, Pigeon John has earned his veteran status, using a clever balance of self-deprecating humor and confidence to rock any crowd, any stage. His boundless energy seduces crowds making ladies swoon and fellas embrace their geek appeal.

Pigeon John is one of the most original, energetic artist to arrive in a while. His live show is amazing and hysterical, and his albums are filled with the same love. He invites us into his insecurities, while doing it with SICK beats, and amazingly clever rhymes.