Phredd -

About Phredd

Combine the silliness of Veggie Tales, the integrity of Dan Zanes, the enthusiasm of Laurie Berkner and the musical genius of Steven Courtney and you've got Phredd.


It doesn't hurt that this father of seven has a little experience entertaining children 24/7.

Phredd creates a good time for his audience with his uplifting, fun and engaging personality.  His concerts consist of lots of fun music, interaction, hand motions, humor and a clear message geared for children, that is equally fun for adults.



Phredd’s songs such as “Floating Zoo”, “Awooga”, “Invisible Friend”, and “If Coffee Smells So Good Why Does it Taste So Bad?” have been featured on radio programs from New Jersey to Seattle and from New Mexico to Minnesota. Phredd has even received airplay in Canada , New Zealand and Australia.