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About Percy Bady...

Percy Bady is both a family man and a gifted, Spirit-inspired Gospel songwriter / producer /performer who has had a huge impact on influencing the "modern Gospel music." In addition to his music ministry for Jesus, Percy Bady also is a loving husband to his wife, Teresa and an involved father with their three children.

Percy Bady was born and raised in Chicago with his sister, Florida, and his brothers, George, Robert and Ray, in a strong, God-centered, churchgoing Christian family. Their preacher father, Pastor O.D. Bady, and their Sunday School teacher mother, Martha Carol Bady, gave all their children great exposure and training in the Christian faith and life, and provided wonderful role models in their own behavior, being servants to the Lord in their own lives.

A mainstay in their growing up years was traditional Gospel music, an influence which was both heard and encouraged in their home and fostered / developed in their church. As a child Percy heard many Gospel quartets and Choral arrangements sung by church choirs / soloists, etc. As in many churches, music was used to promote the Gospel, offer courage, inspiration, worship opportunities, and comfort to others and train the young in the fine traditions of Gospel music, offering opportunities to sing, perform in the church music programs, learning to serve the Lord through music.

Young Percy's musical gifts surfaced early at the age of 3 when he started to pick out simple songs and chords on the piano. Percy was active in his church's children and youth music programs. His first church performance was at the tender age of 9, in front of a supportive congregation. In his youth and teenage years, Percy's tremendous hunger for music became very important to young Percy, who entirely self-taught himself how to play keyboards, a skill instrumental in his upcoming music ministry that the Lord was slowly but surely leading him, preparing him for.

Percy's fascination and love of music led him frequently at the age of 12 to the nearby Chicago public library, which had a wide variety of secular music not heard in his home; R & B, blues, soul, jazz, funk, and pop, which melded into his musical mindset, and Gospel music background. As Percy had a driving interest with "how you put it all together," in the production of music, Quincy Jones had a lasting and molding influence on Percy's music.

Percy's youth and high school years were important building blocks in his musical development. At Chicago High School, well known for its music program, Percy learned a lot about choral music through the mentorship of "an instructor who gave him his first real grasp of choral music," knowledge which would influence his future musical career and ministry for Jesus Christ.

While Percy briefly took a job in the secular world, the Lord made it plain to him that he was being called into a music ministry for the Lord. After studying music at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Percy began his music ministry by simply performing as a guest musician at a friend's church. Gospel legend, Reverend Milton Brunson, who was the pastor of Chicago's Christ Tabernacle Church, was in the congregation during this particular service. Being impressed with Percy's talent and faith, Reverend Milton invited Percy to be the piano player for his own church choir, the Thompson Community Singers, known as the "Tommies," and described as "one of the definitive choirs in the history and development of Gospel choral music."

This God-given opportunity led to not only to playing accompaniment of a fine Gospel choir, but also to composing and producing music, inspired by his own faith in Jesus and empowered by the Lord. Percy soon became their head keyboardist, a high profile position, and was given the opportunity to write much of the choir's choral music as well for the next 15 years and produced a number of their albums deemed to be classics. With his Spirit-inspired musical compositions, Percy gave the choir a contemporary sound to their gospel repertoire "with such innovations as a modern band and horn section," which inturn influenced and melded into the whole Gospel genre.

During this time, as his reputation grew, Percy found himself also composing, playing, and producing music "God gave him" for a growing number of both Christian and secular artists to the point that Percy started his own production company. Producing classic albums for such powerhouse Gospel artists as Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, and Fred Hammond. Learning from each group and project he was involved with, both musically and spiritually, Percy continued to evolve as a musician and producer. By the time Percy left the Tommies in the mid- '90's, Percy had become "a highly sought-after player, writer, music director and producer, very happy and contented with fulfilling his music ministry for the Lord by being the "hand that shaped the hits."

All these years, Percy used his musical gifts for the glory of the Lord, through creating / playing / producing music for other Christians and secular artists as well. Little did he know what challenge the Lord had planned for him next. After making a production deal with "modern Gospel pacesetter," GOSPO Centric Records, Percy worked closely, and got to know this label's executives, who "gently but persistently" encouraged and proded him to produce his own solo album. Though resistant to the idea at first, Percy eventually agreed to do so, because of the persistence of these determined executives, and because of the popular demand of his own fans, which surprised Percy.

So Percy went to work, with the help of some of his friends in Gospel music and came up with 10 of his songs that other people have told him meant a lot to them spiritually and would like Percy to sing / perform keyboards / produce himself, though Percy also has other Gospel artists joining him in singing the songs, on his debut CD album of songs, THE PERCY BADY EXPERIENCE. Among his many friends, Percy enlisted the vocal contributions from among his many talented friends, including BeBe Winans, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Ted Winn, Papa San, Ray Bady, Dawkins & Dawkins, DJ Rogers, New Direction, The Soul Seekers Darius Brooks, Leanne Faine (The Tommies), PAJAM (remix), Yvette Williams (Mrs. Tonex), and Big Jim Wright.

All were eager to help bring these wonderful spiritual songs to life, Gospel style, which so wonderfully express Percy's personal faith and love in our Lord Jesus, in a variety of tempos and various styles of Gospel music. All aspects of the human experience; laughter, joy, positive living, pain, tears, trials, losses, and faith struggles are put in perspective from a Christian faith point of view, recognizing that the spiritual anchor, source of support, and grand encourager and lover of our souls is our merciful Lord Jesus.