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Pee Wee Callins was blessed to be born into not only an extended musical family, but one who also focussed on the Lord, who all helped to raise and train young Pee Wee in the way he should go. His grandfather was a pastor of a congregation in Plant City, Florida. Along with his whole family, Pee Wee grew up playing and singing in the church music ministry. His enormous natural musical talent had a place to grow and mature, starting at the tender age of 3, when he started playing the drums!

Around the age of 4 or 5, Pee Wee began to play the keyboard without any formal lessons; which just shows his terrific ability to pick up an instrument. During his childhood, he also learned the guitar. So, it isn't surprising that Pee Wee began singing at an early age as well. As a young boy, he also was called to preach for the Lord, a gift which was also nurtured and allowed to grow.

As a pre-teen at the age of 12, Pee Wee became the minister of music at his church. As he grew into his teenage years, it became clear what the Lord had planned for his life, to be involved in a music ministry and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, at the right time and place in his future. Pee Wee Callins still had some growing to do.

Growing up, young Pee Wee also was able to listen to the secular music, popular on the radio, such as R & B, Motown artists, and rock and roll, adding to his Gospel music roots, which would influence his future music which he was led to compose and perform down the road, following the Lord.

In 1988, Callins joined his aunts' singing group, and they became "Pee Wee and the Heavenly Voices". They toured locally, which was a good way for Pee Wee to get his feet wet performing for others outside of his church family, and to "learn the ropes" of being a working musician and singer. Callins love for music continued to grow and in 1992 he moved with an uncle to Atlanta, Georgia to try his luck at pursuing a career not in Gospel but in R & B, a genre that Pee Wee Callins enjoyed composing in and shined in his singing. His talent and performance skills sparked interest in the music industry, which offered him a record contract.

However, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. With his dream of a record deal on the table within reach, Callins found out that his family needed him. So, Callins instead chose to move back home to fulfill family obligations. It was during this time that God began stirring his heart toward his musical roots, Gospel music.

During the 1990's, Callins sang traditional black Gospel, doing all the things one must do to make it in the Christian music business, evolving musically and developing his spiritual life and walk with the Lord as well. Callins toured, recorded, and shared stages with other Gospel talent, including Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, and Shirley Caesar.

In 1994, Callins recorded a special Gospel album entitled, THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER, including sixty of his family members.

Callins musical journey for the Lord changed course a little, after listening to an OUT OF EDEN album. Pee Wee once again got the itch to evolve musically, feeling led by the Lord into creating music with elements of the contemporary genres as well as Gospel, especially his old love, R & B!

Callins decided to call his old hometown friend, Todd Collins who was the music producer for this group OUT OF EDEN, as well as dc Talk, and The Katinas. Todd pointed Callins in the direction of Beatmart Recordings, which led to a new musical road for Pee Wee, about a week before he was scheduled to record a live Gospel record! Though this musical road is a fulfillment of his long time dream, his mission for Christ was and is as strong as ever, and he didn't take this new musical road without getting confirmation from the Lord!

After signing with Beatmart Recordings, he began to compose R & B / hip hop Gospel songs with his friends Todd Collins, A. Phelon, and M. Ripoll, which reach out to the younger generation and anyone else who needs to know the Lord.

Today, Pee Wee Callins is not only the senior pastor of a Florida church, but he has released his debut R & B Gospel album, produced by Todd Collins,which offers the listener 14 R & B / Hip-Hop songs called STREET SOUL, a well-received collection of urban Gospel songs, which appeals not only to the young, but the young at heart!

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