Paul Wright -

About Paul Wright

Hi, my name is Paul. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon (right above California and below Washington for those geographically challenged). Music has always been that sort of release in my life - both in listening and writing.



I recorded my first song on a karaoke machine when I was 12 and then in high school I traded it in for a 4-Track. My sister moved to Hawaii and so I visited her often and fell in love with the islands. In college I moved to Martha's Vineyard , MA and spent a semester writing and recording at the Contemporary Music Center . It was pretty cool and I got my first 4 point.


When I graduated I moved back to Eugene and met a slalom skier who played frontman for this disco band named Chris Stevens who had a "real studio". So we started recording songs together. We had a blast. Those songs ended up attracting the attention from some record labels in Nashville and I ended up signing and releasing 4 CDs under Gotee Records. After my gig in Nashville I moved to the sunny beaches of San Diego and started writing a new book/cd called Diego's Diary and an indie label called Ocean Ave Records.

I love how music says things that words can't. I love how melodies tell stories and how chords can draw emotions to the surface. When I was 12 I was at a Billy Graham crusade and I was pretty excited because this girl I liked was there. I sat next to her and we talked a lot and I was pumped and I was 12. Life was good. But when the whole place started singing I remember being caught up in the moment and the music and lyrics connected with me. I remember looking around at everyone standing and singing "Awesome God" in unison and thinking, "wow, how could God not be awesome?" When they asked people who wanted to make a decision to come forward I noticed that the girl I liked was giving hugs to people up front. I was twelve. I got my hug on. Life was good.


When people ask me why I do this I usually think about it for a little while and then tell them because I can't imagine not. I don't feel like I've chose it as much as it's chose me. I do this to share the story that's written itself in me. I do this to express and make sense of the world I'm living in. I do this to give others a chance to reflect upon their own lives. I do this to tell stories. I do this because I love to be a vessel helping others tune into the same channel that inspired me. I feel most alive when I am making a difference in other peoples lives.

And from the beginning I have found nothing more inspiring than the presence and knowledge of God - that there is more to this life. That we have a reason for being and a being to reason. And out of that relationship comes songs and ideas that hopefully inspire you on your journey. I just want to provide a soundtrack to your walk. And I write for everyone. It isn't just for those who are of faith. I want everyone to hear the music. I mean look at me as someone who God drew to Himself before I ever knew of God through a song Rich Mullins wrote on his way to a camp. And who doesn't love flip-flops and burritos? I'm grateful just to share, thankful for every listen and hoping that it leads you not to praise me but to an awareness that you are loved. I hope the best for your life. I hope you get a hug like me someday.