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Paul Colman currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Rebecca and his two children. His parents, extended family and friends still reside in Australia.

Formerly known as the frontman for the Paul Colman Trio, Paul has relaunched his solo career and signed with Inpop Records.

The Paul Colman Trio has toured with US Christian super group Third Day, had two US number one singles on Radio and Records; Christian Hits Radio chart, and received a 2003 Grammy nomination for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album.

When Paul was asked why Paul Colman Trio took a break and if it's a semi or permanent break? Paul Replied "It's probably permanent even though it says semi-permanent. Just financially trying to keep a band going full time was just impossible. We were spending ridiculous amounts of money flying ourselves and our families back and forth from Australia on visas every year. We hadn't really hit that stage in music where you're really getting paid enough to support three families. It was just impossible."

With the financial constraints and family considerations finally forced the Trio to lay down the band and pursue individual paths. Bassist Grant Norsworthy stayed in Nashville to pursue songwriting and bass playing opportunities, while drummer Phil Gaudion elected to return to Australia to produce and engineer records. That leaves Paul Colman, the founder and frontman of the Grammy nominated band, to carry the torch for the fans as a solo artist. Paul said after the break up that this is what I love doing. This is what I do. So it made sense to continue. It wasn't like I felt like I had to do it.

Since going solo, Paul Colman has kept busy. He has commenced his Australia/New Zealand tour "One Voice, One Guitar", which coincides with the release of his first solo album in seven years - One Voice, One Guitar Vol 2. The album features Paul in an intimate acoustic setting in the same vein as featured on his current tour.

I don't differentiate between my vocation and ministry. I don't think that way. I may be own my own, I may be wrong, but I think in everything I do I'm ministering to someone. I'm ministering to God when I'm on my own, or someone else if I'm with company. My marriage is my number one ministry, kids two, parents three and then my vocation ends up being something like number ten.

I'm a person made by God, I live on this planet, so I need to make a living. I also want to do something that counts for eternity. Whether I'm talking to someone down at the shops or talking to a journalist on the phone, or with my family, or playing in front of 80,000 people, or 500 people, I see everything I do as ministry to God or someone else.

I don't think being a follower of Jesus and playing music is any different to being a follower of Jesus in whatever job you do. The same temptations are there the temptation to think you're something you're not, the temptation to be a workaholic, the temptation to take your eyes off God. I just think you have to be on your guard, stay strong, and have people around you that you are accountable to. That's why I don't travel on my own.

The song "As Long As You Come Home To Me" was written for a very close friend of mine who was not a religious guy. He asked me to officiate his wedding because he didn't know anyone else who was religious. So I spoke at his wedding. About a year after he got married, his wife started coming home at like 5 o'clock in the morning and his friends told him that she was sleeping around on him. He called me and he said, "I just don't want to believe it." He said the words, "As long as she comes home to me, I don't care," and I thought that'd be a good title for a song. I wrote that song for him just as a gift. It's about his life.


The song "Girl With The Crooked Mirror" for my sister. She is a really pretty girl, but she thinks she's ugly. I've yet to meet a woman who thinks she is beautiful because God thinks they're beautiful. She used to be one of those who looks in the mirror and sees this ugly witch. We just kept going, "What's wrong with you? You're beautiful!" So I wrote that song for her for her 30th birthday. I put it on a CD for her and picked this really nice photo of her from when she was 19. My wife and I went and gave it to her and she was like, "What did you choose that picture for?"

The song "Fill My Cup" was written 10 years ago. It's about feeling really, really dry and empty. One of the lines says "I feel like a calendar from another year," which means I feel like my heart's in a place where my mind's not at. It's just me asking God to show me how to do things. A lot of these songs came out of that.