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The VISION: The unique vision of Passion is to bring college and university students together from campuses and ministries everywhere for the purpose of spiritual awakening in their generation. Passion exists to glorify God-inviting students everywhere to seek God wholeheartedly in an atmosphere of corporate worship.

The LEADER: Louie Giglio of Choice Resources, a fifteen year veteran working with college students, travels nationally challenging audiences to know God intimately, worship Him wholeheartedly and follow Him radically.

The MUSIC: Building on the incredible success of the two previous Passion recordings comes the new release from the #1 selling modern worship brand, PASSION: The Road to One Day. These are the new songs from the progressive student worship movement sweeping the nation and calling a generation together for the glory of God.

PASSION: The Road to One Day features studio recordings from today's top collegiate worship leaders and will serve as a "soundtrack" for the historic OneDay gathering in Memphis, TN.


Passion - Hymns Ancient & Modern - February 24th, 2004

Worship melodies change with the times... but the lyrics remain the same. Recapture and discover the heartbeat of Ancient-Future Worship. Passion: Hymns Ancient And Modern - Live Songs Of Our Faith is a live worship collection like no other. Lead by the familiar voices of Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder*Band, Matt Redman and more, this musical offering is grounded with the desire to rally around songs of the faith - songs of the church. Passion's vibrant collection of hymns-made-new resurrects the need to offer our lives as living sacrifices in awe of God's unwavering love for us.

Recorded live in concert, HYMNS: ANCIENT AND MODERN- Live Songs Of Our Faith is the result of each Passion artists' love for classic songs of the church. All 13 tracks were written at least 100 years ago and in most cases have been updated with a contemporary refrain or praise chorus composed by the current performer. In fact, one selection ("Hail Gladdening Light") is a rewrite of the oldest known hymn on record, "Phos Hilaren," which dates back to 200 AD.


Passion has to be the greatest praise and worship band ever!!!!!! The music is so inspiring and the messages effective. We have been playing passions' music in our youth department at our church. Our youth minister said before we started playing the music the youth group had no real interest in going to the mid week service. We have two very talented musicians that had heard passion and decided to play the music at the youth group meetings. At first they had only a couple of guitarists and a piano player.

When I had heard they were looking for a drummer I stepped up to the plate and said I can play. Man do we have a good time. The best part of this story is the youth are fired up and we have seen a tremedous diffrence in the attitude of our youth. They have become regulars and are starting to bring more kids to the worship service. Amen!!!!!!!!

I would like to commend Passion for their vision and talent. The music is awesome and we can see why the colleges have been going wild. Our youth are excited about Christ!!!!!!!!! I end this letter with this last note: Passion has the hand of God on them and I firmly believe that music can be a very effective tool for our generation.

Winning people to Christ has been truly rewarding and it's been passions' music that has turned our youth around.

God Bless,

Friends in Christ,

* * *

My Comments on Passion (The Group, LOL)

Passion is undoubtedly the best Christian group I have ever heard. They have such a great mix of popular music and praise that they move everyone who hears them. When I listen too their music I always end up singing along, no matter how bad of a mood I'm in. It's worked miracles in our youth group. People who were completely lost came to one of our overnight events and as they sang along you could see them begin to realize what they've been missing. I've seen people begin crying as they sing, some who I never thought would see Jesus. Passion's music is the most powerful tool for youth ministry I have ever seen.

And the best part is that the lyrics are easy to catch. Just figure out the words to seven or eight songs and put them on an overhead and you've made a huge step towards bringing God to the youth of your church.

* * *

Every song sung from Passion is the cry of my heart for this generation. Once I pop in a Passion tape there is a worship service, just me and God. The music is so intimate and life-changing! This generation is groaning for a savior, and Passion sees that and their hearts are broken so they cry out to God the only one who can save them. Well that's why I like Passion and I can't wait to get the newest CD.

Rock a Praise To GOD that shakes the Roof!

~Jess * * *