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In 1997 and 1998, Damian Home and Lance Black of the band Silage released two independent records: Watusi and Vegas Car Chases. Their sophomore release was nominated for a Dove Award, and the group went on to tour with artists including Third Day and Jars of Clay.

When Silage parted ways in 1999, Home and Black still desired to make music so they formed a new band, Parkway. While Silage had more of a punk/rock/ska sound, Parkway was a bit more mellow and considered to have more of a pop sound. Lyrics also changed. In the past, the band's lyrics tended to be issue-oriented and with Parkway, Home and Black found themselves writing more songs about relationships. Parkway released one album through Essential Records before they, too, broke up.

Glad You Made It was released May 13, 2000 and features members from Jars of Clay on two of the songs. Dan Haseltine added vocals to the first single, "Your Love Surrounds Me," which was the first worship song that Black had written. It is a song that means a great deal to Black because it helped push him back towards the Lord during a time in his life that he felt very far away from Him. Charlie Lowell contributes vocals in the deeply moving ballad, "Soothe Me," which calls out to God to provide the strength to be a person He will be pleased with.

Silage Members:

Damian Home - Vocals, Guitar, Trombone, Bass
Lance Black - Guitar
Shane Black - Bass, Piano
Chuck Cummings - Drums

Parkway Members:

Damian Home - Guitar, Vocals
Lance Black - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Fine - Bass Guitar
Matt Fine - Drums
Rod Schuler - Percussionist


"Glad You Made It" 2000

1: Found Me Out
2: Your Love Surrounds
3: Don't Do It
4: Are you Bored
5: Need Someone
6: 3-Way Light
7: Soothe Me
8: In Your Way
9: Surround
10: More Over
11: Musical Hawaii
12: Save Today
13: All You Deserve