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Out of Eden is a Hip-hop/ R&B/Gospel group of soul sisters who are actually sisters! Lisa Kimmey, Andrea Kimmey-Baca, and Danielle Kimmey grew up on stage performing with their mother who was a classical pianist. They were born in Richmond, VA between 1975 and 1980.

In 1994, they released their first album, Lovin' the Day under the Gotee label. The album was widely successful, and the girls have since followed it up with four more albums on the same label.

The trio's fifth album, Love, Peace, and Happiness, was released in February of 2004 and has pushed their total album sales over the "one million copies sold" mark. They are known for their beautiful harmony, precise production, and their ability to cater to diverse audiences. Gotee records states that their newest album "exhibits energetic songs that exude inspiration and feed the soul."

Out of Eden has had the opportunity to share the stage with Destiny's Child, The Pointer Sisters, Ce Ce Winans, dc Talk, and Kirk Franklin, just to name a few.

music-out-of-edenTheir songs have been used in many screen successes such as Eddie Murphy's "Dr. Doolittle," Christina Aguilera's Diary, and The Chris Rock Show. They also appeared on the primetime UPN show Moesha (starring Brandy) and have been featured in several major magazine features and cover stories.

Recently, the group had the opportunity to sing an
old hymn acappella at a Focus on the Family Chapel Service. They were so stunned by the response, that they decided to do something different than they had ever done before. After much prayer, meditation, and council, the girls decided to return to the music that first inspired them to sing - classic hymns.

Andrea explains the process of finding just the write hymns for their album: "There are so many emotions that the songs evoke, which is how we narrowed down the list to those that made the final cut. The words are so inspiring and have held up over time, so we tried to pour our entire hearts into them."

The album, set to release March 29, 2005, marked the first time Lisa was the sole arranger and producer of an album.

"As I arranged and produced these songs," admits Lisa, "I was so moved, so struck to the core of my being, reading these incredible lyrics from people who weren't trying to sell records, had no business motives, no due dates; they just wanted to glorify God. They were moved to write and to compose because of the experiences they had at the feet of Jesus. Their lyrics are so different from anything I've ever written or from a lot of what I've heard. Instead of self-centered lyrics, each word is God focused."

out-of-edenAwards & Achievments:
Out of Eden has been nominated for three Dove awards:
Urban Recorded Song of the Year for Soldiers
Urban Recorded Album of the Year for Love, Peace, and Happiness
Special Event Album of the Year for Absolute Favorite Christmas

Albums released:
Lovin' the Day (1994)
This is Your Life (2002)
No Turning Back (1999)
More Than You Know (1996)
Love, Peace, and Happiness (2004)



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