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Before coming out with her first natioally released album in 2000, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Nicole C. Mullen worked as a vocalist with Michael W. Smith and the Newsboys, as a songwriter for Jaci Velasquez, and as a dancer and choreographer with Amy Grant.

Her love of music began well before then, though. From the age of two, Nicole recalls having a mic in her hand on most occassions. During much of Mullen's childhood, she spent time singing with family and friends in the Cincinnati area. "It was something that I loved to do, that I felt called to do," she says. "I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I always knew that if doing music was the Lord's will for me, then I wouldn't have to strive for it."

When Nicole C. Mullen was 12, she began writing her own songs. One of the songs she co-wrote for Velaszuez, "On My Knees," won the 1998 GMA Song of the Year award. When Nicole describes her songwriting style, she often refers to it as "funkability." She likes to blend many genres of music, including R&B, folk, gospel, disco, hillbilly, and pop. Many of her songs are in story form and are about her faith, her childhood, her family, and her friends.

Nicole's musical career began when a man at her church hired her to work as a background singer at his recording studio for $6 an hour. This eventually led to her first recording contract, although the label did go under. While with the label, she was recommended to work with David Mullen on a recording project. Three years and quite a few disagreements later, they decided they were better together than apart, and were married.

Since their marriage, they have adopted one child, had two more, and have two dogs and a pack of cats at their home in rural Franklin, Tennessee. Her family means the world to her and she spends much of her time with them, often only touring on Thursdays through Saturdays so she can be with her her children during the school week. Most often, her family accompanies her on the road. David is a co-producer of her albums and she adds her vocal tracks at a home studio with her kids nearby.

David helped Nicole "stay in the business" duing the 1990's through background singing, songwriting, and dancing. After the success of the song, "I Get On My Knees," Nicole signed with Warner Bros./Curb/Word Records, becoming a perennial awards nominee and an advocate for numerous causes. Her self-titled debut album came out in 2000. Since then, she has released three more albums, her latest being Everyday People, which was released September 14, 2004.

Nicole C. Mullen chose "Everyday People" as the title of her new album becuase, "I am everyday people when it comes down to it," she says thoughtfully. "We all get to do different things, but when we take everything else off-we take the titles off, we take the job descriptions off, we take the salaries away-we're all everyday people that hurt, that bleed, that cry, regardless of the skin color, regardless of the title of our job."

When writing the songs for the albun, Nicole says she was mostly influenced by everyday people. Often when I'm writing, the people I'm seeing in my head are the people I've seen at my concerts-people who have e-mailed me or sent me letters afterward. It definitely let's me know that I'm singing for a hurting audience-vulnerable people who are crying out to God, people who are going through circumstances, people who are 'everyday'. Songs like "Bye, Bye Brianna", "Valorie" and others show this.

Mullen views her opportunity to be on stage "not as a vehicle for self-glorification but as a chance to connect with everyday people from other walks of life." Nicole desperatly wants to give hope to a hurting nation and show her audience the overwhelming joy that can only be experienced through knowing Christ Jesus.

Nicole says this new album contains a lot more R&B and funk, and that it really represents who she is. Christianity Today comments: "In many ways, listening to this album is like entering someone's life through her photo album. Mullen presents aural snapshots of people and moments of her life. As in any photo album, the collection is varied, sometimes quirky, and always telling. Each song captures an overarching truth revealed through an ordinary moment made extraordinary by the greater meanings imparted by faith."

Nicole is involved in many types of activities and ministries besides singing. "Sometimes we think we are what we do," she explains. "We are not. I am not a singer. I sing-that is what I do. But I am Nicole-the mother, the wife, the friend, the daughter, the mentor, the mentee-that's who I am."

Together David and Nicole act as youth leaders in their local church, tutor inner-city kids on a weekly basis, and participate in the Kids Across America summer camp where they model the family unit to inner-city kids.

Nicole has also established a group called "The Baby Girls Club." Through this ministry, she mentors to girls that live in her area, often opening up her her home to them.

"When I was younger," Nicole C. Mullen says, "somebody from my church that I really respected-that I thought was gorgeous and very talented-spoke into my life. She would take me to her house at times and she would comb my hair or encourage me in my singing. In her belief in me, she gave me belief in myself, so I love doing that with other young girls."

Another of Nicole's passions is her work with the International Needs Network Ghana to work at freeing Trokosi slaves.


Nicole C. Mullen


Everyday People (2004)
Live from Cincinnati: Bringin' It Home (2003)
Christmas in Black & White (2002)
Talk About It (2001)
Following His Hand: A Ten Year Journey (2001)
Nicole C. Mullen (2000)
Wish Me Love (1992)
Don't Let Me Go (1991)


Nicole C. Mullen awards and nominations:

Nicole C. Mullen has won and been nominated for several Grammy and Dove Awards, including Song of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.


Nicole C. Mullen's statement of purpose:

"I sing to a hurting audience," Mullen suggests, "because I live in a hurting world so I feel like it's part of my job to present hope. My goal in life is to encourage those that are out there listening. How can I make the next four minutes of this song worth more than just four minutes? How can I leave somebody with hope? That's my goal and if I accomplish that then it's worth more than a Grammy, worth more than a Dove, worth more than any of them."


"Without Him," Nicole C. Mullen says, "I would have nothing to sing about." * * * *