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About Natalie Grant

Natalie is a Seattle native and the youngest of five children. Her entire family sang at their home church, so for Natalie, singing in church became a natural and special part of growing up. Natalie's talent and ear for music did not go unnoticed. By age 17, she was assisting the church's musical director in selecting and arranging music for a 100-voice youth choir.

While at Northwest Bible College in Kirkland, Washington, pursuing a degree in elementary education, the popular singing group TRUTH performed at her church. She auditioned for the group and spent 1994-1996 as part of the six-person ensemble, traveling around the United States and abroad, performing up to 300 concerts per year. This extensive road experience fine-tuned her stage presence and motivated her to pursue a solo avenue. With no job, no car, and only $200 in her pocket, she moved to Nashville with a dream in her heart and divine intervention directing her life.

Today, despite the critical acclaim that has followed her, Natalie remains unaffected. "It's not about wowing the masses with how great I can sing," she says thoughtfully. "It's simply about undeniably proclaiming Jesus Christ through my music."




I absolutely love Natalie Grant. The first time I listen to her was on the radio and I fell in love with the song "I Am Not Alone". I felt God had laid it on my heart to sing that song for the Fine Arts Festival. So I looked all over just to find out who sang that song because I had no clue. Then I finally found out and from that point I just see she has such a sweat spirit and I hope she never loses that. To Natalie: Keep your heart open and keep running after God whole heartily I'm praying for you!

With Love, Jennifer Barrett

* * *

I am a Natalie Grant fan because that girl can reach the highest notes and her songs are super awesome. I just bought her cd and I love it I love the song called,"One Child" and "Heavenly" all of her songs rock and have such an awesome message. My group and I love to sing her songs and one more thing NATALIE I HOPE YOU MAKE A NOTHER CD AND KEEP UP YOUR BEAUTIFUL TALENT TO THE LORD IT HAS BEEN A BLESSING IN MY LIFE.

Love always, Yajaira Garza.

* * *

I am a new christian. I just turned a christian last year and Natalie has helped me with that. Its not just her beautiful voice and music, its her love and hope for God. She inspired me to love him more and to "hope in the heavenly." I know that she will be the Whitney Houston of christian music.

Thanks Nattie! I love you. xoxoxox


* * *

I think of all of the Christian artists that I could add to my collection and the first one that I put in my CD drive at work is Natalie Grant. I work with the public everyday and I want them to hear something that will touch their hearts. My office is filled with the awesome presence of God as her annointed and "one-of-a-kind" voice fills the room. Natalie, keep making God number 1 in your life and God is going to saturate you with his blessed anointing.

J.P. Dover, DE. 

* * *

I just saw Natalie at a Moody Women's Conference, "Embracing Hope" (in Tampa, FL)~ and loved what I saw! A great heart for the Lord Jesus, and for true Worship of Him!!! I was truly touched, deeply blessed. Her voice is very awesome, a God-given gift ~ but it was her humility that was most wonderful! She knows her gift is from God, and gave her best ~~~ ALL TO HIS GLORY!!! That's how I want to be when I worship!!!

-Tina Gilbert

* * *

Natalie Grant is a cool singer. I only heard of some of her songs and they are really good songs. They get the word out that god is awsome and he can do a lot of things for us. I would like to meet her because I think she is really nice and awsome singer.

Rachael age 17

* * *

It's rare for me to search the internet for music lyrics, but I was touched by "I Am Not Alone" by Natalie Grant. The version I heard was on a John Tesh album. What a beautiful voice!


* * *

Hey, just wanted to say that I used one of Natalie's songs" Don't Wanna Make a Move" in a human video. It was an awsome outreach for God so thanks for writing the song!