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MXPX - The Band

MXPX is made up of:

Mike Herrera - bassist
Tom Wisniewski - guitarist
Yuri Ruley - drummer

About MXPX

MXPX began about 7 years ago when three15 year-old kids calling themselves Magnified Plaid started pounding out music inspired by and similar to the Descendants and other Southern California pop-punk bands. They didn't really love their band name, however, which was a tribute to the original guitarist's penchant for wearing one particularly loud plaid shirt. Consequently, the name was abbreviated to M.P., but in Yuri's handwriting, periods become "X"'s and since he made up the show posters for the band, the four-letter moniker stuck.

Tom was added two years ago (replacing the aesthetically offensive former guitarist) to solidify the line-up that would take the band into their post-teen years. Maybe his background as a drummer made up for his relative inexperience playing guitar (he had only played for a year at the time). He and Yuri lock into backbreakingly fast rhythms that rank with vintage Minor Threat for speed and percussive attack. Mike then adds to the mix his signature sing-along melodies that call to mind SoCal punk bands from the early 1980s.

MxPx originally signed with A&M records in 1998 in an arrangement with Tooth and Nail allowing the band "to have additional opportunities not available to the independent labels." However, A & M was merged into Interscope Records who are not Christian punk music fans, and could not embrace MXPX, despite the fact that MXPX continues to have a growing fan base and sold-out touring gigs.

Mike Herrera sees this change as an opportunity for the good. For the first time since being signed in 1993, the band has "No contracts, no obligations, no problem. The future is opened wide."

As MXPX go back to the studio to work on some new songs, they will pray about and explore the many options for their unique Christian music Ministry that now are available to them in their promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and living a life pleasing to Him.


mxpxMXPX Visitors' Comments

MXPX is the best band ever. They really stand for what they believe. They opened a new world to me. They are the best band ever. Their songs really kick and they have a really phat sound!!!!! Sick boy is the best song!!!!

* * *
I absolutely love MxPx! They're so my favorite band ever! Their music is so great, and you can totally get into it with a little head movement and moshing. Or just sitting around listening to it, maybe drumming along to their awesome beat! I love MxPx! -Tommy

* * *
I think MXPX is a great band too. I don't know much about them but I do know that I have friends that have made their own t-shirts and sweatshirts with the band logo on the front. And I think it's a big accomplishment of the group that even non-christians listen to their music...a question I do have however is....what does the face logo of theirs stand for? It's pretty interesting...
-- Cassie --

* * *
MxPx is the best punk rawk band ever...they rule. It's really kewl to see another great ChRiStIaN punk band. I love their sound, and since I play guitar I have matched it on my amplifier. It's a clean tone, and it RuLeS!!! I can't wait to see them in concert. They were the first punk band that I actually listened to, other than Green Day and Blink 182. Now I like punk, and just recently Ska. Ska rules too. MXPX RAWKS!!!!!!!!
-- mxpx rox --

* * *
MXPX had a good impact on my life. I heard my brother listening to it, at first I hated it and now I think it's really good. The reason I didn't like it is because I never heard it before. The impact it had on me is that it
reminded me to put God first.

* * *
MxPx is a really cool band. And it's cool to see how they've matured from album to album. My favorites of MxPx albums goes in the order they came out, only newest being my favorite (I don't count live albums as new albums). You need more bands in your punk section. Like Huntingtons, Fanmail, 90 pound Wuss, and many more. And whenever you get your metal page fixed, you must have EXTOL up there. They are the greatest metal band. Coolest thing is, they're Christian. MxPx is by far the best of the Christian punk bands. And their signing with A&M Records proves they've got talent that crosses the Christian / non-Christian gap. So keep up the cool page and head bang on for Christ.
-- God bless, Mike --

* * *
I love MxPx, they are one the best christian punk bands out there. I love how they don't only sing about God in all there songs. Ya know sometimes christians need to hear other things too and that's what MxPx does, they let us punk kids hear more then JUST about God. I mean I have no problem always hearing about God, but when your parents let you listen to only their music, YOU NEED A BREAK FROM IT! You can ask anyone....well hey I'm just here to say I LOVE MXPX AND THEY WILL RAWK 4EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER!
-- thanx, allie --

* * *
MXPX ROCKS! Their lyrics are awesome. Even the songs that aren't particularly Christian, tell it like it is from a Christian's point of view and help all us suffering teenagers feel like we're not alone. My favorite song would have to be Responsibility. hehe They're amazing, and after 10 years, there music has just gotten better and better. I hope they keep playing for a long time!
-- Your sis in Christ, Jen --

MXPX Newest Release - Secret Weapon
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