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Trent Monk and Michael Neagle, the latest to sign with Flicker Records, have a lot in common. Monk and Neagle both hail from Amarillo, Texas, play guitar and have been happily married for five years to women they met at their home church.

Plus, they're horrible mechanics when it comes to fixing their RV. However, this duo makes up for its automotive shortcomings with superb songwriting and harmonizing as evident in its self-titled debut, which released in August.


While any young guy with a brand new crush might pen such a sentiment, these words are actually sung by two men who have each been married for over five years. And yes, they're singing about their wives.

Singer / songwriters Trent Monk and Michael Neagle are as crazy about their wives as the day they met them, and that ongoing devotion is woven into many of the songs on their self-titled Flicker Records debut.

In addition to providing musical inspiration, Monk & Neagle's commitment to the respective loves of their lives has also led them to make a rather unusual lifestyle decision. While on the road touring the country, "home" means many addresses for the two men, but only one place - a 1995 Holiday Rambler RV, in which the pair travel with their wives.

Rachael Neagle and Micah Monk have come alongside their husbands to join them in their work, and to put an end to the lonely, all-night drives the men were making to be with their wives after out-of state concerts.


"Our wives realize that we are doing what God has called us to do and that, as married couples, they have a role in helping us to fulfill that destiny," explains Monk. "We made a commitment early on that if we were going to do this, we had to all do it together."

Though that decision was made only a few short months ago, when Monk & Neagle officially became a twosome after signing with Flicker Records, the friendship that birthed their alliance began over ten years ago. Growing up in the dusty little Texas town of Amarillo, Monk and Neagle met in college and became close friends while fishing and picking out guitar tunes together. As the years passed, Monk pursued the path of independent artist, becoming a favorite among followers of indie distributor Grassroots Music with the release of two solo projects, I Wait (1999) and Stars Would Fall (2003). Meanwhile, Neagle dedicated himself to full-time ministry as a worship pastor for a church in Abilene, Texas.

In the fall of 2003, Monk & Neagle suddenly found their divergent musical paths coming together once again. When Monk was asked to join Inpop Records duo Shane and Shane on the group's highly successful "Carry Away" tour, he asked his longtime friend Neagle to join him for the trip.

"I had always known that the first big opportunity I had, I wanted Michael to come along," shares Monk. "There is a chemistry between us that I hadn't found with any other artist I'd worked with, so it just made sense for him to come on the tour. But we had no intention, initially, of ever becoming a duo," he admits.

As the tour took off, however, more and more people came up to the men and asked when they'd be doing an album together. At the tour's close, despite the fact that Neagle had just released his own successful independent project, Recreated, Monk & Neagle made the life-changing decision to become a double act. Almost immediately, they found themselves signing a recording contract with Flicker Records and beginning work on their first project together.

Partnering with producer Ed Cash (Bebo Norman, Chris Tomlin, Caedmon's Call, Bethany Dillon), Monk & Neagle worked tirelessly to craft an album expressing their unique musical combination of pop, rock, jazz, and funk, with a touch of folk.

The pair found a musical soulmate in Cash, who became intimately involved in the creation process of the songs of Monk & Neagle, and who ultimately shared writing credits on eight of the project's ten cuts.

"In addition to becoming really great friends with Ed, we also found a mentor and a partner," Neagle tells. "We write together and pull from similar experiences we have all had in our Christian walk, in our marriages, and in life."

Monk & Neagle features the two men's tight vocal harmonies and blended guitar styles on a bevy of soulful, acoustic pop songs. Though many of the album's cuts were taken from Monk & Neagle's earlier independent projects and freshly reworked, the pair labored with Cash during their five months in the studio to craft several rich new musical offerings for the record, including the playful groove of "Paradise" and the passionate, straight-ahead pop of "Secret."

"We wanted this album to be fun to listen to while communicating our hearts and our vision as well," said Neagle. "It was very important to us that we be involved in the songwriting process for every song on the album, because we wanted the music to convey what God has done in our own personal relationships with Him and the many situations, good and bad, we have walked through in our lives."

With a well-crafted, hook-laden debut under their belts, Monk & Neagle are poised to spend a lot of time singing that praise as they travel the highways touring this year. But don't think for a minute that they'll travel alone - at every milestone, they'll have their better halves at their side, because there's simply no other girl in the world for either of them. * * * * *