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Mike Farris is one of those singers like Jonny Lang, who you can't believe is white when you finally see him. In 2007, when Mike Farris debuted his critically acclaimed Salvation in Lights, people who'd never heard of the former Screamin' Cheetah Wheelie's frontman, music business people and retailers who thought they'd "heard it all and seen it all," stood with mouths agape, eyes like saucers, aghast at how that sound, that soul, could come from such an unlikely source.


Mike Farris has taken a long time to balance his life and considerable talent. Devastated when his parents divorced when he was 11 years old, Farris tumbled early into the world of drugs and alcohol, a lifestyle that landed him in reform school. Nearly dying from an accidental overdose, he moved in with his father and began playing guitar and writing songs, gradually pulling himself out of the depths of his addictions.  Finally, in 2004, while attending the funeral of a friend, he decided he had enough, and embraced both God and sobriety.  His two solo albums since, 2002's Goodnight Sun and the subsequent Salvation in Lights, produced in Nashville by Matt Martone and featuring Johnny Cash's longtime bassist Dave Roe, are remarkable musical and spiritual testaments to Farris' commitment to personal redemption.


Mike Farris' latest release, SHOUT! Live (2009), a rollicking live recording captured at the legendary Station Inn is a snapshot of what he brings to the live music world. To quote Mike "it's like being strapped to the front of a freight train" and there's no stopping it.

"It's music with dirt on its feet and sweat on its back," says Farris. "Weathered by the elements. Its flames have been calling to people for ages now, way before I picked up on it. It's in our genetic makeup. It pumps through our veins. It's simple and straightforward. That's one reason why, especially in times like these, we need it. This old music draws us in and warms us up like nothing else."


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