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A Midday Atlantic

Drawing inspiration from bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Appleseed Cast, Mae, and Copeland, A Midday Atlantic has a catchy and intense sound that universally draws in listeners and wins over critics. This 6-piece indie-rock/emo group has dazzled fans in over 6 states with passionate high-energy live performances of their beautifully arranged compositions.


The group began with singer, Miguel Ramirez and guitarist, Ryan Lunde and was later joined by guitarist, Jasun Krebs (formerly of As I Lay Dying), bassist, Cameron Austgen, and drummer, Kevin Weiss.  The result is gorgeous melodies, heavy delayed guitars and orchestrated violin arrangements, they find a way to define themselves in an overcrowded genre.

The caught the eye of the press, receiving full page articles in local newspapers, the "Band of the Month" interview in January 2006 on sandiegopunk.com.  They have shared the stage with groups such as John-Mark (Maverick Records), Desole (Abucus), June (Victory), This Day and Age, Koufax, Limbeck, and The Spill Canvas.

In the winter of 2007, they traveled to Chico, CA to record with Jeff Schneeweis of Number One Gun. Over two weeks of recording brought each member a new understanding of hard work and pushed them to progress personally as well as musically.  With this recording they hope to find fans with their music and their message. A Midday Atlantic believes if they can affect one person, then every minute, every show, was a success. They understand that there is more to life than music. But music is the soundtrack to which we can live.