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About Mewithoutyou

A blend of experimental rock structures, spoken-word melodies, and Judeo-Christian content characterizes the output of Mewithoutyou.

Prior to the formation of Mewithoutyou, Aaron Weiss and his brother Mike, along with Chris Kleinberg played together in The Operation. The creation of Mewithoutyou came about when Aaron, the band's drummer, asked Chris and Mike to "make some music I could holler to." With Mike serving as primary songwriter, the band released an EP with Kickstart Audio, and then signed to Tooth & Nail where they recorded "A to B Life," their first full-length.


"A to B Life" is a formidable debut album, one that recaptures the passion of rock and at the same time, brings something new and something even more dangerous to the mix: honesty and a lack of pretense. This is raw expression in its purest form.

The band's well-received sophomore effort, Catch for Us the Foxes, followed in late 2004.  Brother, Sister followed in 2006. 


In a musical landscape dominated by genre divisions and marketing campaigns, Brother, Sister is simply an album made by five people who create art without any limitations-- and that's what makes it so important. While the album retains the band's instantly recognizable post-hardcore sound, Aaron Weiss' vocals and the implementation of atypical instrumentation are the most instantly recognizable shifts from 2004's Catch For Us The Foxes. "A lot of our old stuff is all shouting and that's still there," explains Weiss. "But I've never really listened to heavy music; with this record, my goal was to make music that I wanted to listen to. Not everyone agreed at first, but I wanted to incorporate different types of melodies and instrument-- and those are probably some of my favorite moments on the record."

Simply put, Brother, Sister is the sound of a band discovering its identity -- but that couldn't have happened without the experiences the band shared traversing the freeways in their vegetable oil-powered Greyhound Bus for the past two years alongside peers like Thursday, The Blood Brothers, and Minus The Bear. "The wild ideas we tried on Catch For Us The Foxes have become very normal on this record," explains Michael Weiss, fresh off the band's acceptance of an MTV Woodie Award for best new artist. "But after we toured on those songs for two years, we thought we could just take what we liked from the last record and expand on that stuff and throw away the rest."


In 2009 the band released It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright, whose long-winded title modeled itself after the teachings of Sufi leader Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.  It is another great album with emphasis on acoustic instrumentation and Neutral Milk Hotel-styled folk.

Mewithoutyou is not a screamo band. Instead, Aaron Weiss ‘loudly speaks’ lyrics in a way that feels like having poetry read with music put behind it. The music follows the poetic rhythm of the lyrics instead of vice versa in typical music (where the lyrics follow the rhythm and flow of the music).

Mewithoutyou has something that is rare to find in the music-scene these days, and that is depth. Mewithoutyou's beautiful lyrics delivered with such power and emotion are enough to make you fall in love or forget that you were in love with something else in the first place.