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About Men of Standard

Men of Standard is a group that have truly lived up to their name, with every album peaking in the top 15 on the Gospel charts, they have consistently been producing excellent music since their start in 1996.

Isaac recalls the day his mother called him and the other band members together.   She said, "I have a name for you all, and with this name there will be no compromise. You will have to stay focused, and be an example to others. You will be Men of Standard."  From that moment forward, the foursome took on the name that over the next decade would carry them to the top of the gospel charts.

The young foursome Men of Standard -- Isaac Carree, Lowell Pye, and Bryan Pierce -- emerged from the 1990s into the 21st century as one of gospel music's hottest and most popular young acts, appearing at the top of the gospel charts as they traveled the country singing for thousands upon thousands of people. Melodically embrace empowering, peaceful themes with contemporary, urban, and gospel influences, the members of Men of Standard were raised as classic "church boys," with lives that revolved around preaching and music as well as the other ministries and activities of their local congregations.


The group released their self-titled debut album in 1996, followed up by "Feels Like Rain" in 1999.

"It's a New Day" and "Crossroads" were released in 2004.  Both albums are categorically what contemporary Gospel music is all about, coupling Haddon's church roots with a contemporary sound and feel, thumping grooves and dynamic vocals, filled with messages of faith, encouragement, inspiration and anointing.


The song ""I Will"" from their album "Surrounded" (2006) was one of the top ten Gospel albums of the year, when it was released in 2006. It is a song that reminds you of the truly important things in life. Listening to the lyrics you will be reminded that ""...God has a purpose, a plan..."" and you will be encouraged to ""Just say, I will never give up, I will keep holding on/I will never let go, I will always stay strong..."

"Our albums and all our songs convey positive messages that there is a better way," Isaac concludes. "We are out here as messengers to show people that Jesus is real. Living right is real and crucial. When you see us in the malls, in our homes with our families, in our churches, we want people to see that we live the life style we sing about. We are faithful to our wives, take care of our kids, and take care of our homes. We are faithful to our local ministry, pay our tithes; we do community service work. And we do those things because we love people, and we love God. It’s not just something you'll see on stage or videos, or hear on a CD. It's the life we live."

If you want something to remind you to keep aiming towards heaving and looking up to God for your help and inspiration, then pick up a CD from Men of Standard.