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Mission Statement: "Sometimes along the courses of our lives, as we traverse the stuff of this temporal journey, catching the occasional glimpse of our Maker's glory ... sometimes along the way, inspiration comes and something rare and perhaps even beautiful emerges, taking shape through the creative process. For me, the inspired gifts come in the form of poetry with the occasional melody. The process of 'birthing' a poem is cleansing, clarifying, therapeutic, and deeply personal. It appears that my call - my mission of late - is to share, particularly with the community of faith, these encapsulated stories, reflections, convictions, and musings and to continue to write as the Spirit leads." - Mary Lou O'Hern

About Mary Lou O'Hern
"A believer since childhood, Mary Lou's passion for the faith, for joyful music-making, and for children have combined uniquely, culminating in a 20-year teaching career."

Mary Lou O'Hern has accomplished much in her life for the Lord so far; being a faithful Christian, a talented poet, an accomplished performer, a Christian educator, being a mother and wife, and being involved in music ministry working with children & youth in her church, in Knoxville, Tennessee where she lives with her husband, Michael, and children - Adam, Aaron, and Ali.

With the recent release of her debut CD, NOT ABOUT YOU, she enters the music ministry world as an independent Christian music artist / composer in a personal musical ministry, which combines her gifts and experience into her unique musical contributions, promoting the Lord and a life pleasing to Him in her own special way, in simple truth. Her lyrics and music reflect her spiritual faith, her own life experiences, her observations of human nature and the character of the Lord, and thoughts about the importance of family and being a parent, all topics people of all generations can relate to and appreciate.


Mary Lou O'Hern asked Mary Lou O'Hern to comment on how she has developed and evolved as a Christian involved in ministries for the Lord. Looking back on her past to the present, Mary Lou sees the Lord as her loving, patient guide, and director, and through His Holy Spirit, is in control of her life journey, guiding her development as a Christian and as an artist through her passions; "children, laughter, and music."

Mary Lou comments: "It is wonderful to look back across the years and see how the Spirit of God was at work, directing my path, ordering my steps, growing me up in spite of myself and my foolish antics! I am passionate about children, laughter, and music. (I don't care too much for stodgy grown-ups.)"

"It has been a joy to teach children for nigh unto 20 years, 12 of which specifically in music! I met a wonderful boy from southern CA who turned out to be the love of my life and my best friend. How did a little girl from a southern town with no stoplight find her soulmate in Los Angeles? Let's talk about the unseen hand of my Maker! I've enjoyed the incredible privilege of giving birth to three wonderful children and have watched them blossom into remarkable young adults and committed followers of Christ. And, now, once again He moves, re-directing my steps toward sharing the faith through the poetry that He has placed in me. Very cool!"

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