Mars Ill -


About Mars Ill

Featuring manCHILD on the mic and deejay/producer Dust on the ones and twos, Mars Ill has taken on the dubious challenge of bringing the word of Christianity to the framework of underground hip hop.

After building a base that started with local club dates, the group pressed limited edition vinyl and embarked on national tours to support their first and second releases, "Raw Material" (2001) and "Backbreakanomics" (2003).


Their third full-length release "Pro Pain" (2006) finds Mars Ill combining left-field abstract beats with truths about life in a very successful fashion.

"The goal is to educate and entertain you / Make your head nod but still give you brain food," spits Manchild in "Sound Off," a mission statement of sorts repeated in different forms throughout Pro Pain. "Dog Eared Page," "Stand Back and Watch," "Glam Rap" and "Say So" all carry that same theme—that Mars ILL has something to offer that the rap game currently lacks.

Drawing on personal experiences, the group addresses the need for proper perspective in "Breathe Slow" and putting words into action with "Sideline Speech." Likewise, manCHILD skillfully executes rap narratives tackling purpose in tragedy with "Inside Out" and abuse caused by twisted views of societal roles in "Alpha Male." Helping communicate these ideas, Mars ILL recruited slam-dunk assists from Pigeon John (LA Symphony), Bigg Juss (Company Flow), Blueprint, and Playdough.

"Our songs honestly reflect what our lives are like, and people respond to our vulnerability," says manCHILD. "People forget the power that art has, and by being forthright in our lives, we've seen our music touch a broader audience than we ever expected."

With guest appearances by Cappadonna and Prince Po,"Pro Pain" is an offering that is as diverse as it is consistent in its superior delivery.