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Margaret Becker

Born in 1959, Margaret Becker spent her childhood and youth growing up in Long Island, New York. In 1987, Margaret Becker signed a contract with Sparrow Records, a life-changing action which led her to great success in the Christian music business, and led her to being involved in supporting World Vision.

Margaret Becker has earned three Dove awards, four Grammy nominations, fourteen #1 radio hits, and a plethora of accolades and awards heaped on her by the industry.

Through eleven albums over the past dozen years, Margaret has burned her way into the hearts of countless thousands of fans with such searing hits as "Never For Nothing," "The Hunger Stays," "Say The Name," "This I Know" and "Clay and Water." With her release, WHAT KIND OF LOVE, Margaret turned up the heat another notch, exploring what it meant to celebrate God in the midst of difficult situations.

In 1999, Margaret Becker went on a self-imposed, three-year sabbatical of rediscovery. "After WHAT KIND OF LOVE, I had to take a collective breath in every area of my life. "I was about to turn 40 and I just thought, I have to take a breath and ask myself what I want to do for the next 10, 20 years. Do I want to use all my energy to focus on being an artist?"

Margaret used this time off in very constructive ways, exploring other areas of interest, that the Lord may want her to be involved with. Instead of being on the road all the time, Margaret took time to "invest in her friends and watch their families grow." A group of her friends presented her with a dog, a golden retriever, fulfilling her longed for wish to have a pet, which was something she had to put on hold because of the life style required in being on the road touring.

Becker also wanted to do more writing. "Since I write out of my personal experience, I had to HAVE some personal experience to write from. As much as I love what I do, it is not who I am. Music is not my identity. Being able to express - that's my identity."

Margaret Becker used the time to write outside her comfort zone; co-writing an entire children's series with a scriptwriter, acting as a guest columnist for Campus Life Magazine, and writing articles for numerous women's magazines. The editors at Harvest House, impressed by her prose, approached her, with a curious question, "Do you have a book in you?" Margaret had already been working on some "real life essays about real life experiences." This collection of essays soon became her first book, the poignant, With New Eyes. Her next book, Growing Up Together, a book featuring sibling stories, was released in the summer of 2000.

During this sabbatical, Margaret Becker also found herself involved in composing/ song writing projects with other songwriters. Margaret explains, "Since I was home, artists started coming out of the woodwork saying, 'Hey, I heard you were writing a song with someone. Would you write with me?' Before I knew it, I started to get all these cuts on records. Again, that didn't happen much when I was on the road."

Becker also felt the strong pull to help other Christian music artists, trying to improve their skills and their contacts in the business. Margaret comments, "During that time, too, I realized I wanted to be available to younger artists, to help mentor them to better their skills. And it was like people started being highlighted in my life, where I got a sense of, 'I need to invest in that person.' All that takes time. You can't do that when you're on the road."

At the end of her sabbatical, she told Sparrow Records that she was leaving. She said, "You've given me a great living. You gave me my dream! But I think I have some new dreams."

After leaving Sparrow Records on good terms, Margaret started working on her new goals. "From there, I put a whole bunch of irons in the fire, and I put out a whole bunch of fleeces. I just started asking, So what would I do if I could do other things?"

Margaret Becker found many activities to be involved with and people to work with, signed with a new record company, Cross Driven Records which allows her to record music the way she desires, and is happy with the changes in her life style. She started a mentorship program where she helps and mentors talented, promising artists, producing albums to help promote their music.

On her future plans, Margaret Becker says this."I'm still searching for what I'm supposed to be doing, but I do know at this point I have a voice that's been granted to me that's been granted to me that has more levity and authenticity than it has in years prior. I need to use it wisely. I want to be a good steward of that voice. That's my next challenge."

2003 Release

Margaret Becker - Just Come In


JUST COME IN - was Margaret Becker's first full-length solo release in nearly four years. "Comprising four new compositions and seven of her favorite songs of the past ten years, this 11-track CD features powerful songs of spiritual intimacy nestled ever so tastefully in the warmth of an acoustic musical comforter. Just come in and make yourself at home." -

Also, in 2003, Margaret tried her hand in co-producing a new album with Paul Buono, for an up and coming acoustical pop Christian music artist, Kelly Minter, who shines in this effort, WRESTLING THE ANGELS.


Kelly Minter with Margaret Becker

2004 Release



Margaret Becker's first studio release since WHAT KIND OF LOVE visit our Review * *