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"I don't have it all figured out," says 20-year-old Lifehouse singer-guitarist-songwriter Jason Wade. "You learn so many things every day, and it's overwhelming sometimes trying to see how it all fits together. I'm starting to realize that each day is a different road and a different journey, and you don't have to have it all figured out; you don't have to have all the answers to everything right now."

One of the things Jason hasn't figured out is how Lifehouse - which also includes bassist Sergio Andrade and drummer Rick Woolstenhulme (self-described "guitar guy" Stuart Mathis, who played on Lifehouse's early demos, joins the band onstage) - went from playing a few college shows to sharing the road with Pearl Jam, Fuel, Everclear and matchbox twenty.


Perhaps even more incomprehensible is how the band scored a #1 hit on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, with "Hanging By A Moment," only ten weeks after the release of their debut album, No Name Face (issued Oct. 31, 2000, on DreamWorks Records). Jason, Sergio and Rick were equally incredulous at the appearance of their song "Everything" on the popular TV show " Roswell ."

Lifehouse gained considerable success with the release of their 2000 debut, No Name Face. Featuring “Hanging By A Moment,” a #1 alternative hit which crossed over to become Top 40’s Most Played Song, the album went multi-platinum and cemented their place in the music scene. Their self-titled 2005 album also went platinum and yielded “You and Me,” a hit ballad that spent a record breaking 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

"It's all been unbelievable," Jason says of Lifehouse's success thus far. "We didn't expect any of this, but we're so grateful to have so many people hearing our songs. I really can't explain how it's happened."

Lifehouse returned in June 2007 with their fourth album "Who We Are"; it debuted in the top 20 of The Billboard 200 while the lead single, "First Time", climbed into the top 30 of The Billboard Hot 100.

With Who We Are singer-songwriter Jason Wade gets back to the basics of what made him first form the band while still a teenager in suburban California. With all their radio airplay, multi-platinum sales and awards, Lifehouse is still intent on raising the bar, which makes Who We Are a revelation both musically and lyrically.

Says Jason: “We just love making music and feel really lucky to be able to continue doing it.”


Producing themselves for the first time with Jude Cole, who also co-wrote several of the new songs, that joy comes across unfettered on the rocking twang of the lead single, “First Time,” already climbing the Hot A/C and Top 40 charts, a fond look back at the butterflies and excitement of the initial rush of romance.

“It just felt urgent, like a first kiss, a first love,” says Jason. “Like the first time you realize there’s more to that relationship than you thought. I had to dig a little for that one, but I find myself at a place where I can write stuff that’s a little deeper than your average love song in terms of emotion.”

The approach was also pretty fresh. The band didn’t record demos before entering the recording studio. Wade brought in a skeleton of a song and the group worked on it as a unit. “Nobody really knew what they would be playing,” explains Woolstenhulme, the musical purist of the group. “We just cut it, listened to it and realized it was pretty electric…the kind of song where you just turn up the radio.”

The wrenching ballad “Broken,” with a chorus that recalls the Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” came out of a trip Wade took to Nashville to visit a dear friend waiting on a kidney transplant, as once again he identifies in first person: “I’m falling apart/I’m barely breathing/With a broken heart/That’s still beating/In my pain/There is healing/In your name/I find meaning/So I’m holding on/Barely holding on to you.”

With Who We Are, Lifehouse are free to be exactly who they are…a rock band with a gift for melodies and lyrics that touch people.


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