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About Bishop Leonard Scott

Gospel enthusiasts know Bishop Albert L. Jamison for his associations—his leadership of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, his mentorship by the late Rev. James Cleveland, his acclaimed recordings alongside the Tri-Boro Mass Choir.

Along with the New York State Mass Choir, Bishop Leonard Scott released Show Yourself Mighty in 2007. 


Recorded live before an ecstatic, standing-room-only crowd in Jamison’s home turf, Brooklyn’s Pleasant Grove Tabernacle, Show Yourself Mighty is a top-to-bottom gospel delight, an elegant, Sunday-morning extravaganza like there’s few in today’s contemporary gospel landscape. Jamison and Light Records spared no expense in lining up the stars to make the proceedings a reality, bringing in seasoned producers David Caton and Jules Bartholomew to man the boards and provide a balanced mixture of old-time traditional stunners and just enough current elements to create an atmosphere both timeless and up-to-date.

Joining the festivities, music co-laborers and luminaries John P. Kee, Hezekiah Walker, Rev. Timothy Wright, Lucinda Moore, and Bishop Paul S. Morton, among others, all provide their vocal stylings to the project, but don’t be so quick to mistake this for a celebrity parade. Instead, Show Yourself Mighty is a testament to the bishop’s deep-rooted church heritage, a bona fide congregational recording where choral processionals and corporate voices join together in unison.


As far as church-based recordings go, it simply doesn’t get better than this: From the opening strains of the declaratory “Just Your Name Alone” and the life-affirming “Born Again” to the gripping testimonial of “Not My Will,” Jamison is intent on taking listeners to church…and leaving them there. The true centerpiece here is the title track, a worshipful, corporate feast with a high melodic quotient, escalating dynamics, and an accessibility that are bound to make it a favorite in the Body-at-large.

Show yourself mighty, show yourself strong

Show yourself awesome in the midst of the storm


Today, after three decades of pastoring, service, and ministry, and more than a decade removed from recording an entire album under his own namesake, Jamison is ready to dive headlong into the Show Yourself Mighty era.

“I looked around and everything around me was right for a comeback,” he says. “Wherever God guides, he provides and you will know it. Everybody knows it’s your green light. One day I looked around, I had the right ministry around me, the right musicians around me, the right everything around me. I feel like God said, ‘Why don’t you just do it one more time?’”