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Passionate, intense, contagious---this brother/sister duo's love for Jesus shines through every cut on their hot debut album. Check out their fresh acoustic sound and warm, lilting harmonies in "Reason," "Fallen King," "Katie," and other original songs.

Brother/sister duo LaRue is walking a path God calls few so young to take. Phillip LaRue, 17, and Natalie LaRue, 15, who came out with their debut album, La Rue on February 8, 2000, displayed a wisdom and maturity that undeniably reflects the sacrificial investment of other family members who are as much a part of this talented group as the two tender singer/songwriters themselves.

The pair also shines with a passionate love for their Savior, whom they are contagiously committed to sharing with their peers.

Working with producers Rick Elias, Mike Lenny and Ken Mary, LaRue has created a collection of songs that belie their few years in lyrical depth, and treat listeners to a vocal banquet, at once breathy soft, then almost growling with rich, honey-tinged strength. The group's sound lays warm, lilting harmonies atop fresh, energetic guitars, for a result that's closest to acoustic-based pop, but hints of modern rock on the edges. Both the sound and the songs are straight from the heart of teenagers to teenagers, with Phillip and Natalie co-writing every song on the album themselves, and trading lead vocals with no sign of sibling rivalry.


January 23, 2001 - Transparent

Released their second album, Transparent.With the simplicity of their first album, LaRue takes centerstage with Transparent. Becoming transparent and exposing all of their emotions into the passionate lyrics. This CD is a must have for any Christian Music Collection!


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10/08/02 - Reaching

With two critically acclaimed albums and over 175,000 units sold, Phillip and Natalie LaRue have accomplished a lot in the last 4 years. But, with Reaching, the promise of greatness seen in their earlier efforts has come to full bloom. With the expert help of award-winning producers Monroe Jones and Matt Bronleewe as well as their long-time friend and veteran producer, Ken Mary, LaRue comes back in this third effort with a full band and a whole new level of songwriting and musical performance. The depth and honesty of the lyrics reveal a deeper spiritual awakening as well as exploreing what it means to surrender everything to Christ.

"The core of Phillip and Natalie nowadays is a passionate pursuit for knowledge of God and the heavenly kingdom. They seek it for themselves and challenge others to seek it as well."

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