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About LA Symphony

Hip-hop collective L.A. Symphony is conducted by the combined creative energies of FLYNN, Joey the Jerk, Sharlok Poems, UNO Mas, and CookBook.  From the beginning this group created a musical landscape as unique and charismatic as the City of Angels itself--not surprising, considering that the members hail from such diverse areas of Los Angeles as Long Beach, Inglewood, and Sherman Oaks (just to name a few).


Thought-provoking without taking themselves too seriously, the members of L.A. Symphony tackle relevant topics and personal subject matter with passion and humor. This commitment to honest, thoughtful artistry places the group among a growing number of hip-hop musicians focused on the improvement of their craft and their culture.

For the production of their major label debut, "Call It What You Want, the band secured the aid of Renowned  producers Prince Paul (De La Soul, Handsome Boy Modeling School), Will I. Am (Black Eyed Peas), Mario C. (Beastie Boys), and the Gourmets. 

Guest vocalists Fatlip (formerly of the Pharcyde) and Black Eyed Peas lent their support to the project as well. The result is a deftly textured hip-hop masterpiece infused with equal parts house-party bombast and soul-searching introspection.


"Whatever is on our heart, we just speak it and try not to hold back," explains Pigeon John. "We hope to connect with every listener, from the 14-year-old dude with a crush on a girl in Carson, to the executive sniffing cocaine who wants to stop, to the little cheerleader in Arkansas . We want them all to relate. We want it to be that universal. We want to make a difference in somebody's life by creating music that moves you."

"Unleashed" released in 2007, is billed as a “collection of unreleased rarities, demos and more”. Almost biographically, Unleashed traces L.A. Symphony's slow but steady rise from underground hopefuls to seasoned veterans. With guest appearances by Posdnus (De La Soul), Awol One, Pigeon John, and more. It even features a bunch of surprise shout outs.

"Unleashed" is the next step in the journey. This astonishing album finds inspiration in the divine, the mundane, and everything in between.