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About Kyle Bynoe.....

Kyle Bynoe grew up in a small town of Ossining, located just north of New York. He lived with his family of 4 siblings, a strong, hard working mother, and a well-meaning stepfather. Unfortunately, Kyle had a difficult relationship with his stepfather, which sometimes happens in blended families, and was quite a handful in the behavior department, being rather wild and rebellious.

When he became too hard to handle, which happened frequently, Kyle was sent to his grandparents who lived in Tarrytown, New York, who were the ones who made him go to church, where spiritual seeds were planted in Kyle's being. Kyle developed a basic awareness of God, and knew He was there in case of trouble. Kyle's experienced a "true spiritual awakening and rebirth" after reaching young adulthood, years away. The Lord had plans for Kyle's life, and knew Kyle's gifts way before Kyle realized them, and proceeded in preparing Kyle, even while Kyle was becoming involved with darker ways of life, down a path away from the Lord's will for his life.

Ossining is also the home town of the Sing Sing penitentiary, a "depressing monument" to the hopelessness of the dead end life style found in the street culture of some neighborhoods; a tempting, compelling force for many young men, including Kyle. Because his family was poor and times were tough, Kyle quickly developed "a serious work ethic," and earned his own money, in both legal and illegal ways.

Kyle comments, "I had a serious work ethic. I'd do whatever I could to make a dollar, legally or illegally. I was a hustler, for sure. I was a serious party-guy, and I'd supply people with whatever 'enhancements' they had a taste for. I'd do whatever I could to make a dollar."

As a committed Christian looking back at this aspect of his old life, Kyle who long ago confessed and repented, is willing to talk about his involvement in drug dealing, this skeleton in his closet.

Kyle comments, "That's something I am willing to talk about only in the hope that other people, especially kids, will learn from my experiences, and not repeat them in their own lives, or get a glorified picture of that life style. I was not only moving in some very dangerous company, it was wrong....far worse than just the destruction I was bringing on myself and others, not to mention the affront my life was to God. But the happy and truly amazing ending to that story---and the new beginning that followed---is how the Lord protected me throughout it all, and brought me back to Him. If God can work the kind of transformation He has in my life, then I know--without any question or doubt--He can, will and does the same for anyone."

To counteract the dark forces found in the local street culture, Kyle was blessed with close relationships with 3 uncles, who were all unique positive forces in Kyle's life, offering strong, positive male role models, which is how the Lord started Kyle eventually down the right path which would lead to having a Christian music ministry for Jesus. Uncle Larry ran a gas station, and offered him legal employment, pumping gas. His Uncle Albert was a deejay, with a vast musical library of LPs in his basement, which offered Kyle a musical retreat where Kyle was influenced by classic soul, R & B and Blues. His Uncle Lee was a self-taught drummer and keyboardist, and performed professionally in various bands on weekends, giving Kyle the idea that he could do the same.

Being inspired by the entreprenural success of others in his family, a teen-aged Kyle saved his money from his drug dealing / pumping gas job and bought himself a synthesizer, and found that he too had musical gifts. Not only did he quickly become quite good on his keyboard, but he discovered that he could write and produce songs. Kyle jumped into legal entrepreneurship, by developing songs for local groups, which led to creating his own recording studio and putting together several performing groups of his own.

After graduating from high school in 1987, Kyle took a straight job with General Motors in Tarrytown, to support himself as he continued to develop his musical skills and business savy. In 1988, his professional life and his personal life experienced major developments. Kyle started to use the recording studio of established song writer Chip Taylor, to record some demos of various artists he was mentoring. Chip was impressed with Kyle's abilities and they formed a song writing and music production partnership.

During the summer of 1988, Kyle met the love of his life, a talented singer, Tiffany Williams, a strong vocalist who found success through the song writing and production demos provided by Kyle and Chip. In 1991, Chip helped Tiffany acquire a renowned artist manager, who was able to get her a major label recording contract. Kyle was able to quit his GM job and concentrate on writing and producing music along with his partner, Chip, for Tiffany's debut album, and other up and coming artists.

Kyle was noticed by the music industry when Tiffany's single from her 1993 debut album, "GIVE HIM A LOVE HE CAN FEEL" became a huge R&B / hip hop hit, and was offered a song writing contract with EMI.

IN 1993, Kyle and Tiffany also produced their first child, and their relationship became acceptable in God's eyes about a year later in marriage, due to their developing relationship with the Lord.

When Tiffany's record label changed hands in the executive department, they were short-sighted and weren't interested in her great talent. Though she was offered other contracts, she stepped out in faith and decided to let the Lord decide when she would record again, and moved back to her home town in Akron, Ohio, to take up new challenges of being a wife and mother, and start in earnest to develop her spiritual life, with the positive consequence of leading to developing the couples' relationship with the Lord.

Tiffany became an active member of the Akron Harvest House Christian Center, a move which was in the Lord's plan to draw both of them to Himself even more. Kyle got his first real taste of being spiritually fed as he also attended church on the Sundays he was in Akron, listening to the strong teaching / preaching Pastor Parker, which was the start of a real spiritual awakening.

In 1995 Tiffany and Kyle became parents once again in the midst of Kyle's heavy travel schedule. However, Kyle was about to change his way of life. As a result of Christian influences Kyle experienced in New York, his personal Bible Study and the strong teaching / preaching of Rev. Parker, he and Tiffany experienced at their church in Akron, the Akron Harvest House Christian Center, Kyle began to "develop a personal understanding and relationship with Christ, which was out of his reach all through his life." Kyle was changing his focus and priorities.

Kyle shares the epiphany he had. "I just became so hungry for the Word of God, that seeking Him was all I wanted to do. It was just like it exploded within me. None of the material things I had always valued so highly had ever filled me with the peace I found in the Lord. I knew God was calling me to something new."

In 1996, Kyle decided to take a total sabbatical from secular music industry, and moved back to Akron to be with his family, to be a very present husband and father. He focused on his family, Bible Study, prayer, his church,and feeding his soul, under the mentorship of Pastor Parker of the Akron Harvest House, while taking odd jobs to make ends meet.

In 1998, after being moved by the Holy Spirit, he quickly composed 14 Gospel songs from an inspired flow of creativity, which was the beginning of his music ministry for Christ. He joined the church band, began to write weekly songs, eventually becoming the church's music minister in 2000. In 1999, a third little Bynoe popped into the world, and money was tight once again. So, with the blessing of his pastor, Kyle also went back to work for EMI, writing secular R& B songs, with the confidence that the Holy Spirit would guide his steps in both his musical endeavors; secular and sacred music, which he was still writing for the church band.

Kyle, careful to balance work with family life, began to compose songs for such artists as Will Downing and Howard Hewitt, and even a song for the film, "O" (hip hop reinvention of Othello), a ballad sung by Tiffany. He continued to compose music for his church as well. Having song royalty money flowing in once again gave Kyle the freedom to also compose songs for artists on two independent labels, which brought him further success, allowing him to finally end his contract with EMI.

Kyle must have a tremendous amount of creative energy, because on top of everything else, Kyle also has formed his own production company, the KGM Music Group, which works with Gospel artists in a wide range of genres.

In 2003, Kyle signed a recording contract with Waymaker Records, and picked the highlights of all the Praise and Worship songs he had written for his church and recorded an album, KYLE BYNOE AND PRAISE, with the help of talented musicians and an ensemble of 6 experienced singers from 6 Cleveland churches, and of course, Tiffany, who once again is using her musical talent, this time for the Glory of Jesus!

PRAISE Singers: Ni-keland Nickolas, India Robinson, Lamika Gurley, Samon A. Smith, Tiffany Bynoe, Kendra L. Jackson, Kyle Bynoe.