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In 2005, Krystal Meyers made a big splash, entering into Christian Music with her self-titled debut album. At the age of 18, this young lady had one great year. She graduated high school and received a Dove Award nomination for New Artist of the Year.


Krystal Meyers jumped to #1 in Japan with her single, "Anticonformity". She has also been featured on the cover of Nylon Magazine Japan and Bounce Magazine. In the US, Meyers has had five Top 10 singles to date, including "The Way To Begin," "My Savior," "Anticonformity," "Fire," and "Collide."

While Krystal Meyers was born in Orange County, California, her family moved to Franklin, Tennessee when she was six. When Krystal was 10 she picked up a pencil and started writing songs. About 3 years later, she moved on to the acoustic guitar, really showing her talents.

The heavier the rock the better for the Meyers family! Krystal tends to lean towards edgy rock, which you can experience when she fires up the electric guitars and wailing drums, in her music. This characteristic of her music could of come from her father, as he was a drummer in a heavy metal band back in high school. So, you could say that the beat rocks within the family!

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"Anticonformity" which topped the charts in the US and Japan came from the heart, inspired from watching her friends give in to the social pressures. This song was written by Krystal Meyers and her friends at camp, before Meyers entered the ninth grade. At one point, Krystal was asked to record a song for the camp's benefit CD. This CD also featured artists like Audio Adrenaline and Pillar.


Having a helping hand is always a good thing, especially when Krystal Meyers was working on her debut album. She was able to work with CCM artist and producer Ian Eskelin, and she also had help from Avril Lavigne and Liz Phair. Touring steadily since the release of her debut album, Krystal Meyers has become a role model as well. With her powerful lyrics and rock music, this talented artist has a lot to express and she is just getting started!

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