Krissy Nordhoff -

About Krissy Nordhoff

It’s been three years since Krissy Nordhoff released Thank Him. The album was a testimony of a trial she walked boldly through in her battle for God’s physical healing. When the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong, she clung to the Bible verse that said “This sickness is not fatal, but an occasion to show glory by glorifying God’s Son.”


Eventually, she was diagnosed with advanced stage Lyme’s Disease caused by a tick-bite three and a half years prior. After 18 months of anti-biotic treatment and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Krissy attended a healing service and felt the Lord physically touch her body. Within two months she was back to normal and the healing was complete.


Krissy spends most of her time speaking and ministering on health, wellness and the healing she received. She sings at Women’s Conferences, churches and festivals around the world. She has appeared on Gospel Music Channel, 100 Huntley Street , UCB Europe, CrossRhythms UK and numerous other local US TV and radio programs. Krissy has been able to travel to Canada and Scotland with her ministry. She has also garnered two number one radio singles on Christian radio stations in the United Kingdom and South Africa . Thank Him would eventually be released in 15 countries. “I’m amazed, when I look back on the last three years, how God has allowed me to serve. I’m more excited than ever to share His music and message with others. I believe I’ve entered into a new season of ministry. I would describe my music on this new album, Downpour, as fresh, deep, soaked in biblical truth and uplifting.”

With the help of producer and co-writer Paul Buono (Kelly Minter – This is My Offering #1 Inspirational radio single), Krissy boldly expresses God’s redeeming love and hope that we have through His Son’s death on the cross and resurrection into new life. From the first track Rapture (Carried Away) you are introduced to a fresh music style that blends hopeful, expectant, vertical, worship lyrics with a mix of pop, rock, acoustic and electronic music overtones.


Other highlights on the new album include a duet with former Newsboys bassist/vocalist Phil Joel on the song Our King, the epic Easter ballad “Outrageous Love” and the moving title track Downpour.  To give the record its stellar sound and feel, Steve Bisher (Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Amy Grant) mixed the album. The album was mastered by six-time GRAMMY Winner Richard Dodd (Dixie Chicks).

Krissy Nordhoff is a fresh voice on the independent music scene. It is clear God has given her a compelling and inspirational story to share. If you take a minute to soak in her music, you’ll quickly come to understand how God carries you through even your most difficult experiences. Or, as she puts it, “Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let the wilderness have its complete work in you so you may be complete, lacking nothing. That’s what makes the downpour worth the desert.” * * * *