Kris Miller Bio & Interview -


A prolific and award-winning singer and songwriter, Kris Miller didn’t have the usual religious upbringing of most Christian singers. “I was born and raised in a Jewish family. We went to synagogue.” Deeply spiritual at a young age and dissatisfied with her family’s religion, Kris studied many different religions.

“I wanted to know God more than anything,” she tells “I knew that I would be part of a global communication for the Lord, and I didn’t even know who Christ was.”

She was born in Long Beach, California, grew up in the Palo Alto area, and started writing songs as a child. Used to performing, she worked at the Renaissance Faire in Northern California.

One day, at the age of 17, she was sitting on the side of the road, depressed, she prayed for a sign. “And literally not more than a second later, this old truck rolls up, and the man asks me, ‘Are you looking for Jesus Christ camp?’”

Kris hopped in and the man took her to a camp where all the people were living like they did 2000 years ago. “They looked just like Jesus’s disciples. They were gathered around a campfire, wearing white robes. So, just like that, I left everything and became a missionary for 25 years.”

Traveling and singing and “living just like the disciples,” the group depended on charity for everything. They even drove as far as Costa Rica with their missionary work. “Then a voice told us to go to Hollywood and make a record,” Kris reveals. “Imagine, seven sisters, in white robes and bare feet, in Los Angeles. We went to every studio in Hollywood. We insisted on singing for them.”


It worked. They signed with a record company called Mystic Studios. “We got a three-story mansion with a big garden in the Hollywood Hills. When Little Richard accepted Jesus, we opened for him at the Shrine Auditorium.”

Kris says that the music business led her to be a completely different person. She got into drugs and that led to jail. For part of her penalty, she learned how to put out fires at the Rainbow Fire Camp. “I couldn’t sing if I wanted to. The Lord took my voice away,” she says. “When I started my new life, the songs came back to me.”

She started studying law and became a paralegal, using her legal training to help people. She works with seniors to advise them on legacy planning. “They don’t realize that everything will end up in probate without a living trust,” she says.


Kris performs in prisons and nursing homes with a choir called Pure Righteousness, besides writing and performing on her own. Her second album is coming out soon. Her debut album is called “Alive and Well.”

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