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About KJ-52


"His sense of mission, more than anything else, is what sets KJ apart from the pack, driving his commitment to both grow as an artist and to use that art to communicate something of the good news of Christ's gospel to his audience."

The Beginning - 2000

With the same passion that inspired Toby McKeehan to introduce rap music to Christian audiences more than a decade ago, new Essential Records artist KJ-52 moves forward with a burden to reach the hip-hop community for Jesus.



Produced by Todd Collins of Gotee Brothers fame, "7th Avenue" definitely comes with an East Coast foundation, but the album showcases a surprising amount of musical and lyrical diversity. "I wasn't trying to reach just certain listeners,"KJ-52 says. "My style is definitely East Coast, but we flip it on the beats." The album combines underground credibility with mainstream accessibility and features everything from hardcore underground to Dirty South-style, Old School to smooth R&B.

KJ-52, whose given name is Jonah Sorrentino, knows about the streets, and learning the hard way, firsthand: He grew up in Ybor City, the ghetto area of Tampa, FL. The album titled, "7th Avenue," is taken from the street he lived on. "I had a lot of anger, bitterness and hurt," he remembers. "I thought partying, drinking and all those things were life. But someone sowed a seed and I was saved at the age of 15. Christ changed my life, took away the hurt and gave me a purpose."

2002 Release

KJ-52 - Collaborations


With a world filled with negative artists such as Eminem and Bubba Sparks, KJ-52 bring a positive message to rap music. Even includes a letter to Slim himself. Following up to his debut album, "Collaborations" features amazing tracks such as "Sonshine" and "Dear Slim."

2004 Releases

KJ-52 And TC - Soul Purpose

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KJ-52 returns with friend TC to demonstrate some smooth lines overlaid with cool rhymes. This is a great album to whet the appetite for those wanting more of KJ-52, and also a perfect intro for those that haven't heard about this best selling hip-hop artist. Check out Soul Purpose for a fun, radio-style album with great surprises and infectious new tunes.

KJ-52 - 7th Avenue - (Re-Release)


KJ-52's critically-acclaimed national debut, produced by former Gotee Brother Todd Collins, was nominated for a Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year. New fans will want to complete their KJ-52 collections with the re-release of 7th Avenue which includes five previously unreleased tracks, KJ's version of DC Talk's "The Hardway" plus guest appearances by GRITS, Knowdaverbs, Amani, Cross Movement and others.


Just wanted to give props where props iz due. KJ-52 laid it down real representin' tha truth. He got sum Phat skillz. Iz he workin on any thing new? Whats tha word? Keep on keepin it real for the real "G" stickily tha Savior. I'm out... Your bro in christ, Tha Sent Messenger Mark 16:15

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