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About Kids In The Way

David Pelsue (vocals), Nathan Ehman (guitar), and Eric Carter (drums) had all been playing together in various incarnations since their high-school days in Noblesville, IN, before forming Kids in the Way in 1997.

Originally formed under a different name, after the additions of guitarist Austin Cobb and bassist Nathan Hughes, a name change occurred and the quintet's time as Christian rockers Kids in the Way formally began.

The group released a self-titled EP spreading their name and helping to land bigger shows.  Soon after a deal with Flicker Records was made and their debut album, Safe from the Losing Fight, appeared in March 2004. 

Their sophomore effort, Apparitions of Melody, followed in May of 2005; it was reissued in a spruced-up form (renamed Apparitions of Melody: The Dead Letters Edition) in mid-2006, which included a DVD and extra songs.


In keeping with the groups brilliant rock sound, Apparitions of Melody pushes harder, deeper and darker into what rock n roll and real life are all about. There is no posturing, over-thinking or predictable cliches on this record. Co-produced by Sam Shifley and Nathan Dantzler, Apparitions simply mixes edgy guitars, frantic energy, and engaging lyrics to create a soundtrack for modern living.

Several songs on Apparitions of Melody deal with relationship issues, and the band writes in a universal way that appeals to our common humanity. This Could Be the Song That Changes Your Heart bleeds sorrow, while Blind Behind the Wheel reflects on the 20/20 hindsight that can be so frustrating after making a mistake. There‚ also the pain-strewn Breaking the Legs of Sheep, the rocket-inspired Burt Rutan, and a quirky cover of Tears For Fears Head Over Heels. Even still, its the title track that will rip your stereo speakers wide open.

By 2006, Kids in the Way had undergone some lineup switches but were still going strong.  With their combination of raw, emotional rock and intensely spiritual lyrics, Kids In the Way have embraced the challenge of communicating a spiritual message through the medium of rock and roll music. For Kids In The Way it just comes natural.

"If we can't write music about something we're passionate about, what's the point?", says guitarist Nathan Ehman. "We want to play music that EVERYONE can relate to," adds lead singer Dave Pelsue. "Our desire is to impact pop-culture in a positive way, through our music and our lives."