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About Kevin LeVar

Gospel music singer/songwriter Kevin LeVar, is truly a man after God’s own heart. He brings a new sound of worship to the gospel music industry produced by his commitment to prayer. A man on a mission, Kevin LeVar is determined to reach the world through his debut project entitled, “Let’s Come Together” (2008).

“I wanted to really reach lot of different demographics and didn’t want to stylistically paint myself in a corner,” says the New York-bound, Washington D.C. native of the progressive project. “I wanted to fit any environment we might go in as a band and I found the songs coming straight from the Lord. We serve such a creative God that all different shades and flavors came out within the music and it’s my desire to be as diverse as possible.”


Kevin’s single “A Heart That Forgives” from "Let’s Come Together” was used as the Theme song for the A Heart That Forgives Campaign in 2009 - a movement to promote freedom through forgiveness and is a call to action to inspire individuals, families and communities around the world to reconcile and come together.

Kevin LeVar also joined efforts and supports The Christian Embassy of Christ's Ambassadors (CECA) in recognizing and promoting Global Forgiveness Day, August of 2009.  “Two thousand years ago God came in the flesh to show just how powerful true forgiveness can be,” affirms David Schramm, Founder and Director - Global Forgiveness Day.  “I believe that just a few lives practicing forgiveness can change a nation...but a million lives practicing forgiveness WILL change the world!"

Standouts on the CD include the vertically leaning “Here I Am,” the high energy “Hiding Place,” the joyful “Atmosphere of Faith” (which seems tailor made for churches but equally relatable in personal settings), along with the retro soul crooner “I’ll Say Yes” (sure to give Al Green or Marvin Winans a run for their money). Yet one can’t listen to this collection without feeling the need to build bridges, not only to non-Christians, but also to believers who’ve yet to align their agendas.

The message and sound of Kevin’s music will usher the listener into an unforgettable worship experience that inspires, encourages and uplifts them.