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About Kevin L

God has given Kevin a vision to bring change to our nation through peace and brotherly love that he expresses through his music ministry.  Performing what he calls R&P music - Rap & Praise, Kevin L is impassioned about spreading his message of empowerment and values.

Kevin L is a new artist on the BK Music Label but he has been involved in the music business for some time.

"Actually my sister’s father is Ray Charles; Ray is my stepfather. We have the same mother and different fathers. My sister, Sheila Raye Charles and I were always together. So that kinda started out my music career singing with her. I just had a love and great appreciation for music." Kevin continues,  "But through certain trials and tribulations in my life, I really began to understand the importance of praising God and getting through situations pleasing God. When I realized how God had lifted me through situations…I felt when I wanted to come with any music again that I wanted to express somehow to the world… what God had done for me through praising Him."

Kevin's released his debut album, "Souled Out" in 2007.  The concept for his first album is called H13.  H13 stands for Hebrews 13: 1, 2 which says in the Bible that “let brotherly love continue and do not forget to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.”

"I would like to really see the nation come together and move just like they did with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. back in the day. Dr. King knew the pulse of the nation was that of equality. He knew black and white folks were saying enough is enough. Dr. King was able to take the pulse of the nation and express it and that’s what I want to do. I know that this nation is ready for peace. We are ready for brotherly love to continue. The elements that came against us like 9/11 and all of these types of things… we need to unite. God said when you see these things, know that these things must come before I come but during this time I’m going to pour out my Spirit so abundantly on the earth. So what I want to do is go to Philadelphia . It is now the murder capital of the world. Philadelphia was the city in Asia Minor, which the love faculties of the city were brotherly love. I want to take that message of love all across this country and we can start in Philadelphia . We can make noise and have such a loud sound in the city of Philadelphia like no one has ever seen before."

The H13 Project is currently campaigning in metropolitan areas with peace rallies. Kevin and company have partnered with Al Sharpton during a few of his crusades to get the H13 brand to it’s demographic of young African Americans, along with other names like Dionne Warwick and publicist/activist Angelo Ellerbee. The organization’s current objective, Kevin said, is to continue doing peace rallies; to go into schools and educate and stimulate and send the message that we have the opportunity to make a better world.

Souled Out’s first single, “U Got Somebody” was penned as a reflection of those dark, despairing days. “I originally recorded that song to help uplift my own family,” Kevin L. says. “I wanted to write something that would remind folks that no matter what their burden, they are not alone in this world.”

"When I look over my life, I see seasons of success as well as struggle,” Kevin L. says. “God has allowed it all as a way to prepare me for my mission. It's all been done to draw me closer to Him; Bringing me closer to where He wants me to be. Through pain, you can truly learn what it means to rely on God. Now, if through faith, you let God take the reigns, He will lead you to places beyond your wildest imagination and make miracle happen.” Indeed, Kevin L.’s astonishing first work, Souled Out, is just one of those places.