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About Kelly Willard

Born and raised in Winter Haven, Florida, Kelly took to the piano at the age of five.  Preferring to play "by ear", Kelly learned by listening to the radio and recordings.  She began composing her own songs when she was thirteen years old. Three years later she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where music became her livelihood. Taking the opportunities afforded her to accompany such groups as The Jake Hess Sound, The Archers, and Seth, she continued to offer her God-given abilities. 

Kelly credits her vocal development to a man from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, named Harlan Rogers. She says that he encouraged her and taught her, actually having to talk her into singing solos! "I really didn't think I had what it took to sing solo, but Harlan kept insisting that I did, and if it weren't for his influence and belief in my giftings, I probably never would've sung anything outside of a 'group' setting."

Kelly Willard

In 1979 she released  her first solo album entitled, BLAME IT ON THE ONE I LOVE, produced by Jonathan David Brown. Kelly Willard's music received extensive national airplay and she began touring the country.

In 1981 Kelly was involved in the production of her second album, WILLING HEART.

Later that same year Maranatha! Music released what many people have termed their "favorite Kelly Willard album", entitled PSALMS, HYMNS, AND SPIRITUAL SONGS. This recording is what Kelly considers "a personal look at her relationship with God, through worshipful music."

With all that Kelly has had the opportunity to do, she has expressed that her favorite thing is, "to worship God, and lead others in doing the same."

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